Woke Whining Military Mocks Itself

            After a bizarre press conference by Biden on International Women’s Day, Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, hit a nerve with “woke” military leadership who rushed out to attack the journalist with ferocity we haven’t seen since President Trump ordered the termination of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard General Soleimani.  The military has traditionally and typically ignored political controversy and eschewed any direct engagement with the media because of an over sensitive fear of bad press.  So what’s different this time?

            It all started with Biden’s odd remarks on International Women’s Day about women in the military.  The whole International Women’s Day celebration is quite puzzling.  The House just passed the Equality Act abolishing the binary genders of male and female; and furthermore any gender specific terms are banned from any mention in the House.  So isn’t Biden violating Nancy Pelosi’s strict guidance on no more gender identity?  In the new woke culture of gender is too fluid to be precisely defined, isn’t it pretty boorish and darned old fashioned to be describing anyone as a woman?  Especially members of the Armed Forces?

            Look at the picture of two masked generals flanking Biden as he outed them as women.  Imagine how demeaning that must have been for two career military officers reaching the peak of their careers as generals; and then having the Commander-In-Chief parade them in front of the press as some kind of prize just because they are female.  Perhaps this might be forgivable if these were the first female generals, but the first female general, Brigadier General Anna Mae Hays, was promoted fifty years ago!  We have a half century of female generals and we have already had female generals leading combatant commands, so why is it still a novelty?

            While exploiting the generals for their gender, Biden pledged to bring an “intensity of purpose and mission to really change the culture and habits” of the U.S. military, but he again singled out women focusing on better fitting armor, uniforms, and hairstyles for women – and maternity flight suits?!  Women have served honorably and proudly in our Armed Services for over a century, but we still haven’t figured out uniforms and hairstyles?  Flying military aircraft is inherently dangerous and pregnancy can be precarious.  It is what it is, so prudence demands proper precautions and the military makes allowances.  So once a woman is far enough along to need a maternity flight suit, it’s reckless and silly to risk her health.  Will they develop maternity firefighting gear?

             Carlson did not question the qualifications of female military members nor impugn their service.  He questioned why Biden presented two highly accomplished military officers and all he saw was women; and instead of talking about the very daunting challenges and serious missions these generals would undertake, he mused about their hairstyles and how their uniforms fit.  What could be more condescending and misogynistic?

            Then the biting backlash by the military brass against a civilian for the temerity of asking why aren’t Biden and the military focusing on the very real threats against America, like cyber-attacks and China, is quite telling.  Again, Carlson didn’t attack military women and they have served with distinction for decades, so they don’t need defending.  Did military leadership pounce on Carlson because they actually believe the female experiment is tenuous or because they want to distract from their strategic shortcomings?

            Despite President Trump’s earnest efforts to build up our military, the reality is our military leadership has been hollowed out by three decades of partisan promotions.  During that time, selections to three and four stars have been almost purely political, so the Pentagon has become as left leaning as the rest of the federal bureaucracy.  The “woke” transformation of our military became complete with the appointment of General Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense.  His top priority is not our foreign enemies, but rather domestic terrorists and rooting out white supremacy from the ranks.

            The notion the US military has a racism problem is silly.  Our military is the ultimate meritocracy; people are promoted for their performance and nothing else.  The military dealt with racism about forty years ago; for decades our military has been a shining example of racial equality and harmony.  To accuse our armed service members of institutional racism is cynical, insulting, and flat false.  The rank and file of our military regardless of race is still the best our nation has to offer.  It’s a sad disservice that we saddle them with such lacking leadership.

            The sole mission of our military is to defend our nation and win wars.  Anything else, like gender reassignment surgery, is an unnecessary unwanted distraction.  The men and women of our Armed Forces take their missions and the oath they swore to defend our Constitution very seriously; they are not bigoted, misogynistic, or racist.  They are dedicated to their service and devoted to this country, so they least we owe them is competent honest leadership that understands the real world threats and leads them to victory.

            “A soldier refrains from entangling himself in civilian affairs, in order to please the one who enlisted him.”  2 Timothy 2:4

            Pete Riehm is the host of Common Sense Radio heard 8pm every Thursday on FMTalk106.5 or streaming at fmtalk1065.com.  Email him at [email protected] or on Twitter @PeteRiehm or visit http://peteriehm.com.

One thought on “Woke Whining Military Mocks Itself

  1. Pete, You are right on the money…I would have a hard time serving today with all of the distractions and “political correctness” that have been embraced by our current military leaders. When I learned about mandatory training for “unconscious bias,” I knew we have lost our sense of purpose. America is rapidly declining, morally, ethically, and spiritually. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

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