Winning versus Whining

Both major parties have concluded their national conventions and presented their cases for your vote; they took their best shots to speak directly to the American people.  These national conventions have been staples of presidential election year politics for more than a century, but this year the conventions showcased the incredible differences between Democrats and Republicans more than any other time in our history.

            The contrast was stark.  Democrats ominously warned America is suffering hopeless systemic racism that can only be remedied by cancelling every American tradition and stifling oppression that can only be resolved by dismantling every American institution.  They scold us that every level of government must be replaced by a new banal “woke” regime to enforce politically correct thought and equitable redistribution of wealth – in short, socialism.  Democrats insisted they could do everything better, but offered not one policy proposal other than raising taxes and stopping construction of the border wall.

            Republicans put patriotism on parade; they offered full throated support for every American ideal that made and makes America the greatest nation in history.  They highlighted everything good in America from our history to our heroes and from our solidly grounded faith to the unparalleled opportunities available to all.  But Republicans didn’t shy away from controversy; they addressed every problem we face head on.  They discussed abortion, healthcare, illegal immigration, the opioid crisis, the environment, trade, jobs, racism, and the out of control violence plaguing our major cities.

            Democrats never mentioned the looting and rioting; they absolutely ignored the mayhem creating tremendous angst across the country.  The liberal media blithely calls the pervasive urban carnage “peaceful protests” as city blocks literally burn behind them.  Finally and only after polls started showing the riots were hurting Democrats, Biden tepidly tried to join the GOP chorus by surmising burning and looting were improper ways to protest.  More than 3 months of untold damage to property and harm to citizens never bothered Democrats, but their sinking poll numbers moved them to quickly save their stature with awkwardly restrained criticism of their base.

            Democrats are actually in a very difficult position; the party has succumbed to their radical leftist wing.  Their now unashamedly Marxist base hates capitalism, the Constitution, the nuclear family, and all traditional American values, so they fully support and even endorse the riots.  They will brazenly declare any means necessary to impose their totalitarian vision for America.  However, they know they can’t woo independents with that crazy message and probably can’t even keep the few moderate Democrats left in their ranks.  And if they even hint at just looking to the center, their base will torch them in a New York minute.

            President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, said:  “Washington has not changed her father, but her father has certainly changed Washington.”  A very true statement evidenced by his battles with the swampy establishment, but Trump has also transformed the Republican Party.  The GOP has always championed the Second Amendment, but Trump has elevated protection of the First Amendment to the same prestige and priority.  He ferociously defends our rights to assemble and worship, and vows to punish social media and universities censoring conservatives.  President Trump is not a particularly religious man, but he has unabashedly put faith in God Almighty front and center of his vision for America.  And more than any other president, he has declared the GOP is absolutely unapologetically PRO-LIFE!

            Trump has also retooled the GOP from the somewhat aloof party of big business to the populist party of the working man.  As an ardent capitalist, Trump surely wants business to thrive, but he also fervently wants average Americans to succeed.  His America first agenda focused on fair trade is ALL about ensuring Americans have plentiful good paying jobs so each can pursue their own version of the American dream.  It’s not rocket science; it’s exactly what Americans have ALWAYS wanted – the opportunity to work and worship on their terms.

            In a polished over dramatization of doom and gloom, the DNC enlisted an array of celebrities and “has been” politicians to tell us America is in a “season of darkness,” but Democrats didn’t offer any light; they only want to hold your hand through the night until you vote.  Congressman Matt Gaetz said the DNC portrayed a country in surrender.  We must surrender our liberty, our rights, and our values, but Democrats assure us they will treat vanquished Americans humanely.

            The RNC offered a compelling and inspiring vision of a renewed stronger America; they extolled our heroes and history and they made clear there is still opportunity for everyone and together we will achieve justice for all.  On one hand elite liberals offered compassion in our decline and on the other the common man insisted he can still overcome adversity; and more important we the people positively want our God given rights to rise or fall on our own.  American is still a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people; and this November they will resoundingly reassert that foundational premise.

            “He gave his life to purchase freedom for everyone. This is the message God gave to the world at just the right time.”  1 Timothy 2:6

Pete Riehm is the host of Common Sense Radio heard 8pm every Thursday on FMTalk106.5 or streaming at  Email him at [email protected] or on Twitter @PeteRiehm or visit

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