What’s with this Uneven nonsensical Coronavirus Response?

The millennials and the generation after them are watching. They are being told that they have to sacrifice their future, their jobs, and their social lives all for the greater good of all of society. They are being told this by the same bureaucrats and the same politicians of the Boomer generation that has literally been lying to them all their lives. Young people are watching when the Boomer politicians and bureaucrats throw a temper tantrum and start closing down beaches, bars, and restaurants because the younger generation doesn’t believe them due to their track record of lying. They are also watching when the Boomers then throw another temper tantrum when it is suggested that we close down the boat launches in this state so that the law enforcement resources necessary to keep those boat launches open can be redirected to the pandemic response.

If this is truly about protecting public health and not a power grab by local, state, and federal officials, then we need to do everything possible to help solve the public health crisis. That means everybody needs to make sacrifices, not just “other people” (whomever those people might be). If this was truly about protecting public health and not a power grab, the experts and public health officials wouldn’t just immediately dismiss out of hand the strong anecdotal scientific evidence to suggest that the transmission rate of this virus decreases dramatically as the temperature and relative humidity rises. When public health officials immediately dismiss those without even seriously contemplating the evidence or what the conclusion of that evidence means, young people believe that they are dismissing science because it doesn’t fit their narrative. If warmer temperatures and higher humidity really do dramatically drop the rate of transmission of this virus, then the response to this virus outbreak would have been drastically different than what we have seen so far. Politicians, who control the purse strings, might ask more critical questions of public health officials if they knew that the information they were receiving from public health officials was tilted in favor of giving more money with no questions asked to the public health system. Why do you think public health officials wanted to promote a study done by government-funded public health officials that said this outbreak could last up to 18 months? They want to scare you so that you will not criticize your politicians for giving them more unfettered access to your public treasury.

If this was truly about protecting public health, they would have ramped up stockpiling and production of a medicine developed by an infectious disease professor at the University of Alabama Birmingham that has been shown to be effective against other coronavirus strains like SARS and MERS and was used by the government of China when they were trying to bring their outbreak under control. The efforts were wildly successful and life in China is returning to normal. In the last two days, there have been no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the initial epicenter of Wuhan. Also, every bit of anecdotal evidence we’ve seen so far from other countries where they have been dealing with this outbreak longer than America has suggested that the crisis period is a couple of months at most. That is certainly contradictory to the 18-month time frame put out by government-funded public health officials isn’t it? We know that medicine has been effective in treating other coronavirus strains, and has very minimal side effects to the general population. If we were really trying to protect public health, why wouldn’t we be making that medicine widely available in the United States to treat this strain of coronavirus? Even though we don’t have any data yet from China on the effectiveness of this drug in treating the strain, at worst it won’t help but it won’t hurt either. The psychological placebo effects of giving this medicine to people could go a long way in treating people’s fears and uncertainty around this virus, therefore inoculating society from the hysteria that has ensued because of those fears.

During a pandemic outbreak response, it needs to be all hands on deck. We need to try every reasonable measure possible to protect the health and safety of everybody, regardless if we think it will help or not- as long as it won’t hurt. Being able to redirect Coast Guard and marine law enforcement resources to the pandemic response and not keeping them assigned to marine law enforcement and rescue only makes sense. Governor Ivey, please shut down the state-run boat ramps. Let’s be in this together, and let’s start doing things that will actually help the people instead of contributing to the hysteria that is hurting the people.

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  1. Did you ever consider the fact that we want to go fishing so that we can feed ourselves. Yeah bunch of the little kids are in a different mode but you can’t close them ramps and cut access to food free food

  2. The best any we can do is make an informed guess about the course of this pandemic. We have two things working against us: 50 years or so of “don’t trust the government” rhetoric by the politicians entrusted to run said government, and the 20 year explosion of media, cable, and internet outlets who get ratings and clicks by discrediting the “mainstream media.” We have destroyed the messenger, just when we need trustworthy sources the most.

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