What Should You Drink With that King Cake?

If you have ever sampled the delights of Mardi Gras, then you know it is one big party. One of the traditions of Mardi Gras that you might not have come across is the King Cake. This has its roots in celebrations of Epiphany and pre-lent religious festivals. The idea was that a special cake was made that contained a bean, or seed and whomever found the piece of the cake with the bean in it was King for the day and had privileges over the celebration. The name comes from the biblical book of Kings, who arrived on epiphany to visit the newborn Christ.

The tradition is continued in many different forms, from the Christmas Pudding in the UK which contains a ‘sixpence’, or the Vasilopita of Greece and Cyprus that contains a coin which is lucky for the recipient. However, the original king cake is still served in Alabama and other areas that celebrate Mardi Gras. So, if you are going to enjoy one of these historic traditions, as well as partying then what drinks should you choose to pair well with your King Cake?
Praline and Pecan Liqueur

If your king cake comes with a base of cinnamon and pecan flavouring, then the perfect drink to go with it is a praline and pecan liqueur. The pecan is obviously a good match to the flavours of the cake. The liqueur also has warming notes of maple syrup as well as a nutty undertone that will set the cake off well.

Coffee Stout

If your king cake has a chocolatey tone, then pair it with a good Coffee flavoured stout. We all know that coffee and chocolate pair well and the additionally toffee and chocolate flavours of a stout that has been made from a mixture of coffee beans with an oatmeal base will be the perfect accompaniment. The tanginess of the stout will offset the sweetness of the chocolate in the cake, and even if it is a regular King Cake, this pairing will work well.

Spiced Rum

What Mardi Gras is complete without a shot or three of spiced rum. Many of the king cakes that are on sale are flavoured with a shot of rum anyhow, so why not add the kick of the drink to your cake. A good spiced rum will have notes of Orange and Cinnamon which will add a pleasing aftertaste to your cake. It is the perfect sipping drink to go with your cake.

Gin and Tonic

If you are going for a lighter and more delicate king cake with hints of citrus and lime, then this will pair brilliantly with a good old-fashioned Gin and Tonic. The refreshing blend of juniper and cool hit of gin will set off the flavour of the cake perfectly. You will find gins with hints of satsuma, orange, melon and juniper all that work exceptionally well with a flavourful king cake.

Final Thoughts

There are a huge variety of different types of King Cake available on Mardi Gras and some perfect drinks that will help you enjoy them so much more.

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