What Can We Do Now

President Trump has left office and Joe Biden has swept in to the Oval Office in a flurry of Executive Orders. Americans were constantly scolded that Trump was a dictator, but it is Biden that is ruling by fiat. Americans did not vote to kill jobs, open the borders, eliminate energy independence, higher taxes, or for boys to play girls’ sports, but that is exactly what we are getting without our representatives in Congress having any say whatsoever. We know that we didn’t vote for any of that leftist nonsense because some 74+ million Trump voters know the election was stolen.

The Democrat Media Complex has fully adopted the propaganda that there were no election irregularities. They won’t report on it and if anyone mentions it, they will immediately add a brazen disclaimer that “there was no evidence of election fraud.” Mountains of evidence and thousands of affidavits of election manipulations have not gone away, but they have been ignored and never even given a hearing. Big Tech hides anything about the stolen election from your online searches and social media censors anyone who tries to talk about it. Some big companies are even firing people for their political beliefs. We are truly living the totalitarian nightmare of “1984” as global companies, foreign nations, and a rogue federal government collude to silence any and all dissent.

The simple fact that Americans are NOT allowed to even ask about election fraud should tell us there is something to hide. When some people questioned whether President Obama was born in the USA, they were chastised and the debate withered away due to lack of evidence, but they were not censored – the people were allowed to decide for themselves. Why is the stolen 2020 election different? Because it WAS stolen! Trump’s supposed loss didn’t make sense when it happened and it still doesn’t add up. Americans innately knew the truth would eventually be revealed and the truth is surely steadily coming out.

Mike Lindell of “My Pillow” has produced a two hour documentary called “Absolute Proof” where he and experts detail how the 2020 election was stolen. There was massive election fraud by dead and illegal voters and extensive abuse of mail in votes, but most shocking is the real time evidence that foreign nations most notably China perpetrated an exhaustive cyber-attack on our election systems. He shows how, when, and where foreign hackers breached our election systems to flip and steal votes from Trump. Trump won!

We all knew it and the evidence has been out there, but now thanks to Lindell we have a single summary of irrefutable evidence that the 2020 election, the Georgia Senate Run-Off, and perhaps other previous elections were hacked and stolen! That explains the Democrat obsession with still impeaching Trump even after he has left office. They knew the truth would eventually come out that Biden did not win, so they must convince us that even so Trump is evil and not worthy of reelection. They will try to tell Americans they did what was best for us.

Since the 2020 election millions of Americans knew the election was stolen and hoped our federal agencies and state institutions would ferret out the corruption, the steal would be overturned, and election integrity would be restored. But alas every arm of the government failed the American people. The FBI and DOJ would not investigate and the courts would not touch it. A handful of Republicans tried to challenge the Electoral fraud, but they were thwarted when the Democrat Media Complex twisted the 6 January protests into a riotous coup. They maligned millions of Americans as domestic terrorists and cowed the Republicans into surrender. In one fell swoop, the 2020 election irregularities were swept away.

Democrats ran out the clock and now we have a fraudulently elected pretender installed into the White House. We all feared this Constitutional crisis and now we have it; the loser stole the presidency with the aid of foreign enemies. What can we do now?!

The short answer is Biden will not be removed from office because Democrats and apparently the Chinese Communist Party hold incredible sway over every lever of federal power; and the Republicans cannot find a backbone. Incredibly, Americans are now saddled with a president chosen by China; this was an act of war, but no one will admit it.

America as a nation has been compromised, but the country is still filled with God fearing, hardworking, liberty loving, red blooded Americans. We will not surrender our rights and freedoms after just one battle. It will be a long hard road, but we must erect defenses in each state to resist the tyrannical assault on our rights the federal government is already pursuing. They have already hobbled the First Amendment and have the Second Amendment in their sites with HR 127. Every state must warn the federal government that abuses of our inalienable rights will not be tolerated and the electorally compromised states must work to restore election integrity or the union will be lost.

The forces of evil, those against freedom, have for now prevailed, so the struggle is real. We must resist, but now only God can save America. Pray for revival and that the Lord Almighty will deliver America from these travails. Only one nation under God has any hope of surviving.

“But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread.” Exodus 1:12

Pete Riehm is the host of Common Sense Radio heard 8pm every Thursday on FMTalk106.5 or streaming at fmtalk1065.com. Email him at [email protected] or on Twitter @PeteRiehm or visit http://peteriehm.com.

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