US Representative Bradley Byrne surges in new polling data in US Senate race

As the race for U.S. Senate in Alabama continues to close in on the March 3rd Republican Primary, Bradley Byrne’s campaign is gaining momentum. Internal research conducted by nationally-respected Harper Polling for the Byrne campaign demonstrates that momentum clearly.

Harper Polling was in the field February 8-9 and interviewed N=609 likely Republican Primary voters through telephone interviews to landlines and cell phones.

The Senate ballot test shows former Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the lead with 31%, Bradley Byrne close behind at 26%, and Tommy Tuberville in third at 24%, and shows significant momentum for the Byrne campaign.

Harper Polling conducted an earlier survey in the race on December 11-12, 2019 among n=500 likely Republican primary voters. The movement on the ballot question is documented below:

  12/12/2019  2/9/2020    Change 
Jeff Sessions 
      36%         31%         -5% 
Bradley Byrne 
     16%         26%         +10% 
Tommy Tuberville
     29%         24%         -5%  Roy Moore 
      8%      5%      -3%

Bradley Byrne 16% 26% +10%
Tommy Tuberville 29% 24% -5%
Roy Moore 8% 5% -3%

This growth comes as Bradley Byrne has been able to grow his name awareness and favorable rating with Republicans statewide. Byrne managed to increase his ‘Favorable’ rating by 15% while lowering his ‘Unfavorable’ rating by 5%:

    12/12/2019  2/9/2020    Change 
      50%         64%         +14 
       22%         17%         -5% 
No Opinion  
    20%         15%         -5% 
Never Heard of  
       8%      5%      -3%

Never Heard of 8% 5% -3%

Bradley Byrne has attracted support from all over the state of Alabama for his grassroots campaign to unseat liberal Democrat Doug Jones. As Primary Day approaches, he is clearly the candidate with all the momentum required to make the runoff, win the primary, and unseat Jones.
Campaign Manager Seth Morrow said, “With three weeks to go until Election Day, all the momentum is behind Bradley because voters know he is the only person in this race with a record of fighting for President Trump and our Alabama values. As we continue to show Bradley’s pro-Trump, conservative record against the positions of the other candidates, we are confident Bradley will be the Republican nominee and ultimately defeat Doug Jones. Alabama deserves a proven conservative, not someone who talks out both sides of their mouth or someone who let Alabama down when it mattered most.”

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