Fox News Channel and Chris Wallace have offered to host a debate between Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville on Wallace’s “Fox News Sunday” show.

But on Tuesday, Tuberville declined the opportunity to debate Sessions on the nation’s premier conservative Sunday show, six weeks ahead of the July 14 runoff in the U.S. Senate Republican primary. 

Sessions said Tuberville’s failure of nerve was telling.

“If Tommy Tuberville is too scared to debate on Fox News, he certainly won’t be able to debate on the Senate floor. Anyone who can’t debate can’t represent Alabama in the United States Senate. Alabama wants fierce fighters to go to Washington, people who have the courage to debate and fight,” Sessions said. 

This is not the first debate Tuberville has cut and run from. 

In March, Tuberville agreed to a runoff debate with Sessions, sponsored by WHNT-Huntsville, WIAT-Birmingham, WKRG-Mobile, WRBL-Columbus (GA), and WDHN-Dothan TV stations, only to back out days before the debate could take place.

“Tommy should man up and face his fears. I promise to use small one-syllable words in a debate. But he won’t debate because he knows almost nothing about Alabama or the critical issues our great nation faces,” Sessions remarked. 

“The patriotic and conservative state of Alabama must not send a nubbin or a potted plant to the Senate. Our voice and our values must be vigorously asserted. Tommy Tuberville has now proven he won’t do it,” Sessions said

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