Coach Tommy Tuberville, a Republican runoff candidate for U.S. Senate, on Thursday said he is
urging the Trump administration to suspend new guest worker visas for the foreseeable future
“so that American workers can fill American jobs.”

“The Coronavirus has transformed the record low unemployment that Donald Trump created into
record high layoffs and job losses,” Tuberville said.

“Allowing foreign guest workers to come
fill jobs makes no sense when millions of Americans are seeking employment. I am urging the
federal government to immediately suspend issuing guest worker visas for the foreseeable future
so that American workers can fill American jobs.”

While praising the president’s past efforts to preserve American jobs and secure the border,
Tuberville predicted that liberal Democrats will strongly the policy he suggests.

“Open border, liberal Democrats like Doug Jones believe we need to install revolving doors
between the U.S. and Mexico, and they will likely oppose my effort to put Americans first,”
Tuberville said. “I stand solidly beside President Trump in the need to build a border wall in
order to protect our border security, our national security, and, especially now, our jobs and

“We cannot allow unemployment to continue to spiral as foreign workers fill jobs that should
rightly be held by Americans,” he continued.

“President Trump endorsed my campaign because
we hold back the same policies, and he knows I will not cut-and-run when the fire gets hot, so it
is my hope that the administration will give strong consideration to suspending new guest worker
visas until our economy begins to recover and unemployment rates drop.”

Tuberville said he has remained in close contact with the president and Trump officials since his
campaign was endorsed, and he will continue pressing his recommendation in hopes that the
administration will take action.

From the first day he declared his candidacy, completing the construction of a secure wall across
the U.S./Mexico border and combatting illegal immigration with strong, no-nonsense policies
and tactics have remained among the centerpiece issues of the Tuberville campaign.