Trump Turns the Tide on Iran

President Trump cutting off the head of the Iranian snake in Iraq is a seismic event that will certainly shake geopolitics in the Middle East; and it’s about time.  However, almost all the reporting and everything uttered by Democrats about the American drone strike that killed top Iranian General Qassim Suleimani and some other Iranian proxies is idiotic and plain wrong.  The lunatic hyperbole ranges from “it was another unconstitutional act” to Colin Kaepernick calling it racist imperialism and some moronic actress apologizing to Iran and begging them not to kill us.

            Leftists across America rushed to defend and even side with one of the most blood thirsty terrorists of the past few decades just because Trump did it.  These people are deranged or just dumb, but that is now typical for the Democrat/Media complex.  Remember that these are the same people that just a few months ago howled how the Middle East would collapse if Trump withdrew American troops from Syria; it didn’t.  But now, they are moaning that if Trump sends more troops, it will be another endless war.

            These are also the same geniuses that for more than three years daily screamed that Trump is just Russian President Putin’s puppet, but overlooked the fact that Trump is arming Ukraine against Russia, bombed Syria while Russian troops there could only watch, and now has sent a stern warning to Russia’s other top Middle Eastern ally, Iran.  But you will find leftists all over social media scolding everyone that Trump is just doing Putin’s bidding.  They are too stupid to discuss the weather; just block them – life is too short.

            Let’s take an objective review of what we really have here.  First, there is little debate that Suleimani was a really bad dude.  He founded the Iranian terrorist group, Hezbollah, in Lebanon, he assisted Syria’s Assad with his genocidal tactics, and he directed Iranian subversive “militias” in Yemen and Iraq.  He had the blood of thousands on his hands including hundreds of Americans, so no American should be regretting his fiery demise.

              Mainstream news is only showing the government directed official mourning in Iraq and Iran, but intrepid Middle Eastern journalists are sending out videos of regular folks in Syria, Iraq, and Iran celebrating the death of this butcher.  He spread plenty of death and misery in Syria and Iraq, but he also preyed on his own people.  Suleimani was integral to ruthlessly killing or torturing any popular protesters of the Islamic Republic.

            Trump put the last nail in the coffin of Obama’s feckless foreign policy.  For starters, Trump has shown Obama what a red line really means again.  Obama infamously declared a red line in Syria over the use of chemical weapons, but quickly backed off when his Iranian buddies threatened his precious Iran Nuke Deal.  Trump bombed Syria for it and now Iran for attacking an American Embassy.  There will be no cowardly Benghazi travesties under Trump.

Obama pursued a policy of Iranian appeasement because he wanted a stronger Iran to counter balance Israeli hegemony, but Trump withdrew from Obama’s sham agreement, tightened economic sanctions, and has now warned Iran to stop targeting Americans.  Leftists are crying that we unnecessarily provoked Iran, but that is rubbish.  Iran has been at war with America for forty years; we just have not always acknowledged it.  Iran has been causing trouble all over the Middle East over those decades and it was Iran escalating a regional conflict this past year by attacking Saudi oilfields, seizing tankers, and shooting down an American drone.  Their proxies in Iraq have been targeting Americans for years.

Iran brought this to a head not Trump.  They attacked an Iraqi Military Base a couple weeks ago killing one American and wounding others.  Trump bombed the Iranian backed militia site, so they attacked our embassy.  Big mistake.  Trump said enough and gave order to take out Suleimani and then went to have some ice cream.  This is particularly delicious because just a few months ago the Iranian Ayatollah taunted Trump that there was nothing he could do about their predations.  Turns out there is plenty Trump can and more importantly will do!

Forget all the melodramatic nonsense coming out of Washington.  Iran has been and is a REAL problem with much graver ramifications.  Iran is already closely aligned with Syria and controls Lebanon for four decades; and they are getting too close to controlling Iraq and Yemen.  The Iraqi Parliament voted to oust American troops because they have been bribed or coerced by Iran.  If Iran can consolidate control of these countries, they will most certainly attack Israel and their Arab neighbors, so Trump’s decision to stop them before then will indeed avoid a wider regional war.  That is why there is a quiet coalition of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf States standing with Trump, but the Democrat/Media complex won’t report that.

Iran is still dangerous and there is reason for concern as this wounded beast lashes out, but it is a much weakened beast due to Trump’s tough economic sanctions.  Iran still has military and terror capacity, but its economy is in a tailspin and its people are very discontented.  Iran can still attack Americans, but we can bomb them at will with near impunity.  There may be a lot more strikes, but Iran can’t actually bring us to war unless we agree.

So look for Trump to back down Iran and all the sky is falling cries from leftists will fade away with the rest of their nonsense that never comes to be.

            “And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.”  Matthew 24:6

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