“Our moral obligation is to the American workers, and we’re committed to helping them climb that great ladder of success.” – President Donald J. Trump

MODERNIZING FEDERAL HIRING: President Donald J. Trump is transforming the Federal hiring process to replace one-size-fits-all, degree-based hiring with skills-based hiring.

  • President Trump is signing an Executive Order requiring Federal agencies to focus hiring on the skills job seekers possess, rather than focusing on whether they earned a college degree.
  • The order requires Federal agencies to revise and update outdated Federal job qualification standards and candidate assessments, improving the quality and competency of the civil service.
  • Unnecessary degree requirements exclude otherwise qualified Americans from Federal employment, impose the expense of college on prospective workers, and disproportionately harm low-income Americans.
  • The order implements best practices already adopted by private sector leaders to promote equity and inclusion.  
  • As a result of this reform, talented individuals with apprenticeships, technical training, and apt backgrounds will have greater opportunity to pursue careers in the Federal civil service.

STRENGTHENING OUR WORKFORCE: President Trump has prioritized strengthening America’s workforce and empowering the American worker.

  • President Trump’s Pledge to America’s Workers has prompted more than 400 companies to commit career opportunities for more than 16 million American students and workers.
  • The President has worked to expand apprenticeship programs, helping more than 750,000 additional Americans gain hands-on training and experience with no student debt.
  • The Administration worked with Congress to reauthorize the Perkins CTE Act, providing more than $1 billion for States each year to fund vocational education programs.
  • President Trump issued a Presidential Memorandum prioritizing STEM Education to ensure that the American people have the skills necessary to succeed in the industries of the future.
  • The President’s historic tax cuts led to increased wages, bonuses, and benefits for millions of American workers.

GETTING AMERICANS BACK TO WORK: The President’s order comes at a pivotal moment and will help Americans across the country safely return to work.

  • Due to the coronavirus, millions of Americans were temporarily placed out of work through no fault of their own – now it is time to get back to work.
  • As we recover from the economic effects of the coronavirus, President Trump has taken action to jumpstart our economy and help Americans return to the workforce.
  • The President released guidelines on a safe, effective reopening that will benefit American workers.
  • To protect jobs for American workers, President Trump has placed a temporary pause on new immigration into the country from multiple visa categories.
  • The President signed legislation creating the Paycheck Protection Program, which allowed millions of Americans to keep their jobs.
  • The President’s pro-growth economic policies will allow the Nation to recover quickly and prosper like never before.