A new television ad being aired by the Tommy Tuberville campaign takes the two-time SEC Football Coach of the Year back to the weight room as he shares some hard truths about his runoff opponent with the citizens of Alabama.
“Our newest campaign commercial spells it out loud and clear – we’re never going to be able to drain the swamp as long as weak-kneed, career politicians like Jeff Sessions are in the U.S. Senate,” Tuberville said. “I’m proud to be endorsed by President Donald Trump because he knows that unlike Jeff Sessions, I won’t turn tail and run when he needs me most.”

Video: Tommy Tuberville talking directly to camera while in football weight room with players and weightlifting equipment
Tommy Tuberville: You can’t fake it. You’re either strong, or you’re not. And Jeff Sessions? He’s not.

He wasn’t man enough to stand with President Trump when things got tough, and now he’s telling lies about me to cover it all up.
Video: Photo of Jeff Sessions with “WEAK” superimposed on top.
Tommy Tuberville: It’s time for these weak politicians to go.
Video: Tuberville into camera in weight room with graphic reading “Endorsed by President Trump”.
Tommy Tuberville: I’m very proud to be endorsed by President Trump. I’m running to help him drain the swamp and build the wall.

I’m Tommy Tuberville, and I approved this message because I won’t back down.

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