To Go High Tech, Mobile Needs to Join the Mob

It’s time the city of Mobile joined the mob.

No I’m not talking about turning mayor stimpson into Don Corleone or Tony soprano. Although, it would be interesting to see him dress up in a fedora with a mustache and speak in an Italian accent. The mob that the city of Mobile needs to join is the TechMOB. That is the working title I have given to an idea for a resource clearing house run by the city for it to help develop it’s tech sector economy.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, they all have something in common. besides being among the world’s largest technology companies in the world today, they also all started in a garage. Homegrown technology companies that are started by young entrepreneurs with a good or industry disruptive idea are the type of technology companies Mobile needs to be going after. But they don’t need to be seeking out young entrepreneurs from California or New York or even Texas. They need to go down to Texas Street, or California Street, or cottage Hill Road. Young entrepreneurs from right here in Mobile Alabama.

The thing is most of these young entrepreneurs might have a great idea that might be the next Google or Apple, they just may not have the business wherewithal to get a business started, or know where the resources are to start that business. That is where the city of Mobile could really foster a spirit and community of entrepreneurship that hasn’t been seen in this city since before the Civil War. The City of Mobile needs to start a program, either through one of the existing City departments, or its own city department, that would allow young entrepreneurs in the tech sector to apply for the program in which a coordinator would kind of be a business mentor that would help guide them through the business development process, and guide them towards available resources already available to get that business off the ground.

A TechMOB coordinator could tap into available resources like, The Mobile area chamber of commerce, the small business administration, as well as work with area realtors to develop a comprehensive list of affordable, small business space that would be perfect for small startup technology companies trying to get their feet off the ground. This TechMOB coordinator could also go out into local area high schools, local and regional colleges and community colleges to recruit these type of startup businesses to Mobile.

The best thing about taking this approach to business development and the technology sector is once these businesses grow to the point that they become Google or Apple or Microsoft is once they’ve established themselves in an area, they tend not to relocate to other areas. So that means once they’re ready to open a corporate headquarters or start adding and expanding staffs, they’re going to look to right here in Mobile Alabama for that expansion. So if Mobile wants to play its cards right, and start to develop an organic, homegrown tech sector, instead of being known as the third coast, we might just be known as the Silicon Coast!

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