‘The woke war against African Americans’….

…. is the title of Philip Carl Salzman’s article in Minding the Campus, here are some key “money quotes”:

Have you wondered why woke requirements and cancel culture become more extreme by the week, by the day? The reason for this frantic upsurge in woke cancellation is that members of the elite and race activists are competing with one another, each striving to be more “antiracist” than thou, each trying to distinguish himself as more woke by pushing the envelope of “racism!” This status-seeking takes no account of the consequences for other people and for society generally. What it definitively does not do is advance the interests of those who are its alleged objects of concern: “people of color,” especially African Americans. In fact, the movement is detrimental to African Americans, who in reality are thrown under the bus for the benefit of elite faux advocates.
One thing that BLM demands is the destruction of the nuclear family. Here BLM is in tune with reality, for the two-parent nuclear family is very rare among African Americans. By far most African American children grow up in single-parent homes, almost always led by mothers (see chart above). Most African American boys grow up without fathers in residence. BLM says this is not a problem…..

The problem with this demand is that boys without dads are more likely to live in economic poverty, to perform markedly worse in school, take drugs, to join a gang, to engage in criminal acts, and to end up in jail. BLM is elevating a social pathology to a social policy. Is this because the nuclear family is the norm in white families, and so African Americans should reject it as “whiteness”?

Two-parent families are even more prevalent among Asians of all origins, who are today among the most successful people in America, not because they are “people of color” or “adjacent white,” but because their culture emphasizes family values and educational achievement. But BLM doesn’t want any of that for African Americans. As members of the African American elite, BLM is quite happy to have African Americans segregated, weak, and dependent upon them. The members of the BLM elite are doing quite well, thank you.  

The facts are that very few African Americans are killed by police, and African Americans are not overrepresented in being killed once the African American crime rate is taken into account. At the same time, African Americans are highly overrepresented as victims of shootings, murders, rapes, assaults, carjackings, and other serious violent crimes. African Americans are almost 50% of the murder victims, although they make up around 13% of the population. But it is not police or white nationalists who are to blame. Ninety percent of African American murders are perpetrated by other African Americans. In short—although it is now regarded as “racist” to say this—the greatest violent threat to African Americans is African American criminals.  

MP: To paraphrase George Will, “There is nothing more tiresome in modern American life than the indignation sweepstakes to see who can be the most woke about this and that.”