The second Civil War is Here!

It is now clear and inescapable that America is under attack; not just physically in every major city, but existentially at every monument across the land.  We are long past the initial outrage at the unjust killing of George Floyd and any pretense of racial grievance has been hijacked by the anarchist mobs looting and torching everything in their paths.  It started with Confederate statues, but these moronic marauders are also targeting Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and even Frederick Douglas.  If they could by their own words, the rioters would demolish every vestige of American heritage and abruptly dismantle the republic.  These domestic terrorists have made it plain they despise America and will not rest until they destroy this country and salt the ground of the District of Columbia.

    We must recognize that even though these radical insurgents are making irrational demands, they are fully dedicated to fomenting violence and quite serious about annihilating America, but what do they offer?  “Defund the police” is the signature plank in their platform, but they also demand decriminalizing drug use, emptying our prisons, replacing our judicial system, and abolishing capitalism.  In short, they demand anarchy and offer only chaos.

    Although ignorant of history and intellectually bankrupt, this immature insurrection is completely coordinated, meticulously planned, and well-funded, so we dismiss them at our peril.  Average Americans are aghast at their brazen vandalism and blatant hatred of everything American, but even more shocking are corporations rushing to appease the avowed Marxist race baiters with huge infusions of cash and our elected officials acquiescing to the mobs and in many cases declining to prosecute criminal activities.

    Oblivious to the very real threat to all existing governing institutions, Democrats are happy to enjoy and even encourage the mayhem because they believe it will damage President Trump.  The left’s complicity is unconscionable, but Republican temerity if not cowardice is sickening.  We have no hope of preserving our republic if no one is willing to stand for the righteousness on which America was founded or to defend our brilliant Constitution that guarantees equality, liberty, and justice for all Americans.

    Democrat Governors and Mayors may be willing to sacrifice their citizens and cities on the altar of election year politics, but Americans deserve and expect better.  The foremost prerequisite for opportunity and prosperity is peace and security.  The rioters know this well; that’s why they are trying to destabilize society to shake your confidence in our system of government and especially Trump.  They want you to believe we are losing America and worse that it’s not worth saving.  So why is President Trump practically standing alone for law and order?  Where are the Republicans?  Where is the FBI?  When will the planners, leaders, and financiers of this criminal insurgency be exposed, indicted, and arrested?

    This is not unlike the long struggle with radical Islam; they have been at war with America for decades, but we barely acknowledge their hostile intent until the occasional gruesome assault and then we ignore the threat until the next bombing or attack.  Marxists have been undermining and targeting America from within for more than century.  Socialists found favor and advanced their agenda in the 1930s.  Communists infiltrated America in the 1940s and 50s.  In the 1960s, progressives started their takeover of education and now over half a century later education has been almost wholly lost to rabid leftist ideology.  Our schools indoctrinate our children to be ashamed of our founding and generally loathe America; they are literally domestically producing the very insurgents declaring war on America.

    We see the daily violence is very real, but we must recognize this is not just social unrest.  These rioters are attacking law enforcement, the rule of law, society, our culture, and simply America as a nation.  We must admit the change they seek is the overthrow of our Constitution.  Most of our elected leaders are paralyzed with fear of the media and the woke mob, so We The People must demand they act to preserve our Constitutional Republic and swiftly put down this insurrection.

    Despite the media pumping up this malcontent movement as irresistible and overwhelming, the good news is it’s still a tiny fragmented minority only amplified by their own vile violence.  This turmoil is arguably a last gasp of desperation trying to thwart the next election because they know they are losing decades of progress toward socialism and their moment in history.  America is still strong and average Americans are still dominant; we need only assert our love of country and fight for it.  We can end this civil war before it really gets started.  America is still the last best hope on earth, so let’s stand up and save it again!

    “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.”  Isaiah 54:17

Pete Riehm is the host of Common Sense Radio heard 8pm every Thursday on FMTalk106.5 or streaming at  Email him at [email protected] or on Twitter @PeteRiehm or visit

2 thoughts on “The second Civil War is Here!

  1. but these moronic marauders: Pete, I tried to italicize the quote from your piece, but you page would not allow me to do so. I will say this, I did not read the entire piece. But based on this comment I would say you are right on target. These are definitely moronic marauders and will not stop until STOPPED. For whatever this is worth keep on keeping on my brother.

    1. James, Patriots must stand together and show we will not tolerate these attacks. Thanks for commenting. Pete

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