The Police are Against Blacks in America

From Jimmie Lee Jackson to George Floyd, police brutality against blacks has been an ongoing saga in America for many years. Police tend to kill African Americans because to them, we pose a threat. 

For example, on July 5, 2016, Baton Rouge resident Alton Sterling was shot and killed by officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake. According to New York News Daily, Sterling had resisted arrest multiple times then he was pinned to the ground and this led to Officer Salamoni shooting Sterling three times in his chest, killing him. 

Moreover, It doesn’t matter if African Americans comply with the police or not, they will still be considered a threat to the police. 

The most recent incident was George Floyd. Floyd was killed after an officer knelt on his neck for eight minutes. Because of this, people started to riot and protest. People destroyed monuments, buildings and police cars. Black people did these things because they are tired of constantly being torn down because of the color of their skin. Some of the protests were violent and other protests were peaceful protests. 

All over the United States, Black Lives Matter murals were created to commemorate all of the African Americans that lost their lives to white cops and white people in general. 

Police brutality will continue to be a senseless act of violence in America because cops will always feel inferior to African Americans. African Americans will continue to protest and stand their ground until they get the justice they deserve! 

One thought on “The Police are Against Blacks in America

  1. Police brutality by actual statistics is very rare. About twice as many whites are killed in police encounters every year, but the real issue is literally thousands of blacks are murdered every year by other blacks. Where is the protesting of this slaughter? More black children are massacred any weekend than police killings in a year, so why is not ever protested. In most of these cities where these incidents have occurred, the police departments have large percentages of black officers (some 50%), led by blacks, and the cities are run by elected blacks. So how is it they have created police against blacks? There are literally millions of police encounters every year that are handled very professionally, so the Floyd death actually illustrates how rare this is. Because if your assertion had even a modicum of validity, we would see police brutality incidents pretty much everyday. Be careful demanding the justice you deserve.

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