The Most Destructive Disgusting Lie

America has been roiled by racially charged riots for months with no apparent end in sight. All summer the media magnified and even resurrected several incidents where criminals who happened to be black were handled roughly and in some cases killed by police. To be clear, at least in the George Floyd case, the force exerted appeared to be excessive; and Breonna Taylor was not a criminal and was tragically killed in a controversial late night police raid. In the Floyd and Taylor cases, there are or have been investigations and reforms rightly considered and some implemented. These tragedies are difficult to fully comprehend, but all agree the focus should be to make them avoidable.
Oddly enough, Americans were universally outraged by the death of Floyd and united in demands for justice. The offending officers were fired, charged, and arrested, but that wasn’t enough for the emotionally charged irrational mobs burning and looting cities across the country. Around since the 2014 riots in Ferguson, Missouri, a shadowing group called Black Lives Matter (BLM) has led the social unrest. Immediately after the tragedy in Minneapolis, Americans of all races aghast at the brutal death of Floyd embraced the notion that “black lives matter” and many even joined myriad peaceful protests, but many discovered the good will ended when they mentioned “all lives matter.”
BLM insisted this was far more than a grievance with police brutality; they are on a crusade against systemic racism. They vociferously assert that America is a hopelessly racist nation that cannot be redeemed; the republic must be dismantled and replaced. They don’t say exactly what they want to replace America with, but BLM is an avowed Marxist organization so we can surmise they envision some communist totalitarian regime.
This über liberal view is not new. The New York Times 1619 Project sets out to fraudulently rewrite history that the USA was founded purely and solely to establish and preserve slavery and specifically enslave African-Americans. BLM runs with that narrative to declare that the entire American system to designed to oppress blacks. These shameless race baiters are aided by the media, Democrats, and celebrities. NBA star Lebron James epitomizes their irresponsible approach to race relations; he recklessly accuses law enforcement of literally hunting down young black men without cause! What an incredibly incendiary comment!
Ponder for a moment how inflammatory such senseless statements truly are. Seriously, if it was true that police are actually hunting black people, then BLM riots would be justified and most Americans would join them. But it is all a destructive disgusting lie! Our history has suffered racist chapters and we have had racists in government, but the United States of America was never founded or intended to institutionalize racism or the oppression of black people.
No one denies the Democrat programs of slavery or Jim Crow laws, but our country was founded to ensure the equality of all Americans. It took too many years and a Civil War, but the American struggle has always tended to liberty and justice for all Americans regardless of color. Our Constitution guarantees equality and the God given rights for everyone; it created the framework to make the American dream possible. Initially quite opposed to the Constitution, former slave Frederick Douglas studied it and came to embrace our Constitution as the only path on earth to freedom for all peoples.
But BLM and their leftist supporters don’t want Americans to know our true history because they hate America. They despise capitalism and freedom; their admitted goal is to destroy the USA, so they scream the lie that America is systemically racist. If the USA was systemically racist, it should be ended and restarted, but that is their sinister ruse – convince Americans the nation is hopelessly racist, so it must be consigned to the ash heap of history.
The sad irony is BLM doesn’t really care about black lives. They show no concern for poverty ridden minority neighborhoods as they burn them, they have nothing to say about the over 90% of black victims of violence at the hands of other blacks, and they support Planned Parenthood’s literal genocide of black babies in poor communities. BLM is a domestic terrorist organization exploiting the emotions of Americans not to save black lives, but rather to topple our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a Marxist government enslaving all lives.
Americans are not fooled. That is why they are incensed by woke corporate advertising scolding us for a pernicious lie and aggravated by athletes kneeling and offering fealty to a terror group dedicated to the demise of the USA. Americans reject BLM, but they are sympathetic to black lives matter because we hold all life sacred.
“Your tongue devises destruction like a sharpened razor, O worker of deceit. You love evil more than good, falsehood more than speaking truth.” Psalm 52:2-3

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