The Great Divide

By: Michael Parrish


    It’s not what it used to be.  I often see people saying that they wish news was more like when Walter Cronkite was delivering it.  All facts uncolored by opinion. Was it really like that? I don’t know. It was a little before my time.  What I DO know is that at present we see far more opinion and far less news. One of these incidents is what moved me to write this.

    By now, I’m sure most everyone who has an interest in politics has heard of the infamous Don Lemon interview where he and his guests go on a tear regarding Trump and his supporters.  They took a bit of airtime to cast analysis aside and cast aspersions on them leaving no doubt that they thought they were all witless simpletons who just couldn’t understand the higher intelligence of those they disagreed with.  Now, I would have no issue with something like this coming from a show like The View or The Five as they are pure opinion of the hosts. But journalists are supposed to be devoted to interested in delivering facts to inform viewers/readers.  “Journalistic integrity” is a word that you don’t hear much these days. This was pure defamation of a large portion of the population and that has no place in “news”.

    But there are others points of interest here.  During the segment we hear a very deliberate southern accent.  This went beyond insulting people to insulting a culture. Isn’t CNN supposed to oppose cultural discrimination?  It clearly makes the insinuation that southerners as a whole fit clearly into this unintelligent mold and that others are better simply because of their geography.  That somehow, if you carry that accent you are less and they are better. An entire culture defamed in the span of minutes. And here I was under the impression that CNN is on the side of social justice. But the past has shown us that that all depends on whether your culture is one that they deem as worthy of respect.. which sounds a lot like discrimination to me.

    With happenings like this we still see some wondering why the country is divided.  We have politicians who praise CNN claiming that they can bring the country together.  How many of them have denounced this behavior? Have many have said it’s wrong to insult a chunk of America that they’ve never met?  And can we expect them to? Remember that Clinton was fond of calling anyone who supported Trump “deplorable”. That’s a pretty strong term and hardly the way to heal a divided nation.  Sounds like it’s little more than a sales pitch.

    Now understand, BOTH sides do this.  Insults have become the political norm.  I make no claim that one team is more virtuous than the other.  But this particular airing was one of the worst examples I’ve seen of what the “news” industry has come to.  And when it’s put out in a news segment there are too many that will take it to heart. Keeping us at odds with our neighbors.  Keeping us in the mindset of foes as opposed to comrades. This is no way for a nation to find peace or prosperity.

    THIS is the great divide.

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