The Coup That Keeps on Giving

The wheels of justice move very slowly; sometimes the movement is imperceptible.  The Trump Campaign and then the Trump Administration have been under siege for going on four years.  Most Americans have known the FBI and CIA spied on the Trump Campaign to thwart his candidacy and then with Democrats relentlessly pursued baseless charges of Russian collusion and Ukrainian nonsense to undermine his administration and even try to remove him.  With brazen unfair media treatment, Americans have been intensely aggravated and frustrated that Trump’s political enemies on the Hill and deeply entrenched in the federal government could continue to betray and persecute President Trump with impunity.

    There have been bits and pieces of evidence steadily seeping out that patently prove what Americans have innately suspected all along, but through a flood of media misinformation and Democrat malfeasance, it has been difficult to assemble the big picture and discern the who, how, and why.  We know leftist partisans in politics and the press loathe Trump, conservatives, and average Americans with traditional values.  So that partly explains the why, but how could this happen and worse continue?  Who could and would put the nation through this turmoil?

    Some have surmised leftists deeply embedded in the federal bureaucracy or known as the “Deep State” have gone rogue to pursue their own ideological agenda contrary to President Trump and the will of the people. but that fails to explain who orchestrated this conspiracy.  Thankfully we have finally had a tremendous breakthrough.  The DOJ recently declassified FBI documents regarding the investigation of Trump’s first National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn.  These documents revealed the FBI had found no wrong doing and was about to close the case when disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok intervened.  Then the FBI clearly conspired to frame him to get him indicted but at least fired.  Seemingly petty and unfair, why is this important?

    Flynn is a seasoned Intelligence Officer with extensive experience (he was even Obama’s Director of National Intelligence), so he is well versed in how the intelligence agencies operate.  Therefore, with his loyalty to Trump, there was no way they could hide a covert illegal operation to undermine the incoming administration from Flynn.  So he had to go.  At FBI Director James Comey’s direction, Strzok set up Flynn in a perjury trap and Flynn was gone.  The other obstacle was incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but they were able to easily sideline him with a tenuous case that he must recuse himself.  Now Trump was blinded and the DOJ and intelligence agencies were left only under the jaded eyes of Obama holdovers.

    Left to their own devices, rogue agents and bureaucrats waged a covert war against President Trump!  But it began long before the Flynn travesty.  Let’s recap this whole sordid affair.  Already in 2016, the CIA and FBI sought to embed spies in the Trump campaign by cultivating minor Trump Campaign advisor, George Papadopoulous, who they later entrapped with planted information.  At the same time, the DNC and Hillary Clinton Campaign paid for opposition research that produced the scurrilous Steele dossier alleging Russian collusion and other scandalous twaddle.  The FBI accepted that Democrat dirt as gospel and used it to obtain illegal Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants to spy on Trump Campaign aide, Carter Page.

    FISA warrants are for counter-intelligence operations to monitor foreign threats, but the FBI falsely used this tool to spy on Americans.  If they over hear Americans, they must disregard them unless there is a clear and present danger to American security; then they can get special permission to “unmask” and spy on that American.  Oddly enough, the FBI found a way to unmask and spy on many Trump Campaign aides including General Flynn.  When Hillary unexpectedly lost and Trump would be president, the operation shifted from thwarting Trump’s candidacy to undermining his administration.

    After getting Flynn out of the way, Comey briefed Trump about the Steele Dossier not to inform him, but rather to give the dossier credence and cover themselves when it was leaked.  Leaving that meeting, Comey immediately reported to Director of Defense Intelligence Agency, James Clapper, “mission accomplished.”  Clapper promptly leaked the Steele dossier to CNN.  The intent was to disrupt the incoming administration and embarrass Trump.

    This cabal now had a free hand to go after Trump even though Comey lied to Trump telling him he was not the target.  Smelling a rat, Trump fired Comey in May 2017, but Comey had a back up plan.  He leaked classified documents for his accomplice, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, to use has a pretext to give us the corrupt Mueller Special Counsel investigation.  Incredibly, the same cast of characters that had been spying on the Trump Campaign were now investigating the Trump Administration.

    The Mueller investigation could not fabricate even a scent of Russian collusion, so despite there not even being a crime, they tried to leave substantial doubt about obstruction of justice for the Congress to use as a roadmap to impeachment.  That too proved untenable, so House Democrats gambled on the Ukrainian hoax to topple Trump and again failed.

    Every ruse against Trump has thus far failed, but his enemies are not giving up.  Hatred is an intense motivator, but what really drives this resistance to persist?  The other recently declassified transcripts of the House investigation provide the rest of the story.  Congressman Adam Schiff has been has been throughout swearing that he had definitive evidence Trump colluded with Russia, but the transcripts reveal he had nothing!  So he has been lying to the American public to perpetuate this fraud.

    However, there is an even more explosive revelation.  In early January 2017, President Obama met with Comey, Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, and Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, and others to discuss the Flynn case about the time the FBI was about to drop it.  We don’t know what was said, but we now know Obama was aware of the spying on the Trump campaign and after that meeting the ploy to remove Flynn and sideline Sessions began.

    More evidence is coming out soon and the Durham investigation will reveal much more, but it is now clear for the first time in American history an outgoing administration plotted a coup against its successor.  These people were loyal to Obama and his cause; they knew Trump would reverse his policies, so they schemed to undermine Trump to continue Obama’s policies.  Folks, we are just now getting to the truth, but stand by for the most egregious scandal in American history.  This entire episode has been to protect Obama and preserve his legacy.

    “But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.”  Amos 5:24

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