The Battle over Police Support is Brewing in the Senate Race

following a year that was the most deadly for Alabama law enforcement in years, the battle of who supports law enforcement the most, and who law enforcement supports the most in the Alabama Senate race is starting to heat up in the Republican primary. On Monday, Jeff sessions held a press conference heralding the support and endorsement from several law enforcement chiefs and sheriff’s in Alabama as well as Representatives of police associations from around the country. Police associations represented at the press conference include benevolent associations in New York City, Seattle, San Diego, and Fort Worth among others.

Sen Jeff Sessions long career as a US attorney, Attorney General for the state of Alabama, US Senator, and most recently as President Donald Trump’s US Attorney General was repeatedly mentioned as one of the reasons for the support from law enforcement around the state. Law enforcement officials from around the country that were at the press conference also mentioned his work on trying to hold sanctuary cities in Democratic leaning States accountable for their policies as a reason for their support, even though most of those efforts from the Justice Department, President Trump, and Jeff Sessions, have been thwarted by the federal courts.

Sessions himself mentioned the fact that the homicide rate in the United States went up both of the last two years of the administration of President Barack Obama, and how that same homicide rate has started to come down under President Trump.

The campaign of US representative for Alabama’s first congressional district, Bradley Byrne, was quick to point out and remind people that he also has strong support from the law enforcement community in the state of Alabama, especially law enforcement in the first congressional district. Campaign manager for the Byrne campaign said, “Law enforcement leaders from across the state are lining up to support Bradley Byrne because they know he has their back. Bradley has a track record of supporting additional funding and resources for Alabama police officers and first responders, and he will always defend our police officers against attacks from the radical Left.”

The campaign also sent a link of a short video on Facebook of law enforcement officers endorsing the congressman for his senate run as well. Congressman Byrne is endorsed by the sheriffs of Mobile County, Baldwin County, Escambia County (all of which are in the first congressional district) as well as Lauderdale County and Calhoun County.

The Republican primary will be March 3 2020, with current polling putting former Senator Jeff Sessions in first place, former Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville in second, and Bradley Byrne coming in third.

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