Thank you President Trump

It has been a whirlwind four years; there has never been a dull moment. Thank you President Trump for your tireless service and selfless sacrifices for this once great nation. Despite relentless overwhelming withering negative press coverage, you always held your head high and kept your sense of humor. Despite the federal bureaucracy trying to undermine you at every turn, you did more to restrain government overreach in over a generation. Despite Democrats and wobbly Republicans trying to thwart your agenda, you did more to improve the condition of average Americans than any other president in our lifetimes. And despite Democrats and the deep state trying to destroy you personally, you are still standing as the most imposing figure in Americans politics.

Yes, our privileged ruling class is scared to death of you and that is why even after you have left office they are still trying to drive a stake through your heart with a senseless vindictive impeachment.  Federal bureaucrats, Democrats, and too many Republicans are frightened you might return to the political arena.  However, while they fear you, we must realize that they really fear the American people.  Just like they hate you; they hate us.  The arrogant rulers in Washington and the coastal elites despise average Americans that Obama characterized as “clinging to their guns and Bibles.”

Your fantastically successful “America First” policies proved that Americans can still be free, prosperous, and secure. You made America energy independent and restored our standing as a manufacturing powerhouse. More Americans of all races and creeds went to work and saw their paychecks grow. Even though you started no new wars and brought many of our troops home, America was safer because you faced down on our enemies with resolve and strength; and you reached out to those who would respect our sovereignty.

Obama scolded Americans to accept the “new normal” of economic stagnation and international instability. He insisted manufacturing jobs would never return, our prosperity would forever more be tenuous, and our international influence was waning. He assured us America was in decline and we had to learn to submit to a global community trying to administer dwindling resources, save the planet from climate change calamity, and appease enemies bent on our annihilation.

Wily Democrats have seized power to again manage the decline of America.  It’s not that America is declining, but the United States must decline and be brought to heel if there is any hope of integrating this country into the globalist scheme of one world government.  Many simply crave the power, but leftists in both parties sincerely believe the earth and its peoples can only survive if they have unquestioned total power to provide for the masses.

Individual liberty and rights are incompatible with the designs of those intent on ruling for the benefit of the collective. In true Marxist fashion, the rights of the individual citizen cannot stand in the way of whatever our elite rulers think is best, so the concept of individual rights must be squashed and brought into submission to the will and power of the government. That is why the globalists and leftists fear the American people the most.

The United States was founded on undeniable immutable God given rights; and Americans cherish those rights to their very cores. Therefore, hardworking God fearing Americans are the final obstacle to global governance; they must be vanquished. That’s why Democrats and leftists around the world fear and loathe the American people. And that’s why they fear and hate Donald Trump; he can lead the American people to reclaim our liberty and prosperity, so they must neutralize him in hopes of paralyzing us.

The good news is that Democrats are overplaying their hand trying to erase Trump’s policies and implement radical leftist policies at breakneck speed. Americans are still chaffing from the stolen election and they know they did not vote for the extreme liberal policies being foisted upon them. Eventually, the American people will rise up and demand to be heard; and hopefully Donald Trump will lead them back from the leftist brink. That is what the Democrats fear most and why they are panicking to cement their one party grip on power.

Thank you President Trump for showing us America can be great again, but even more, thank you for exposing the putrid Washington swamp working to bring the American people into submission. We now know the Democrats and too many Republicans are working against the American people to preserve their power in a hopelessly corrupt federal government. We The People will not have it! And as we strive to reassert our rights, we again thank you for your leadership. You didn’t have to take this on, but you were there for us and we are here for you.

“Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.” James 1:12

Pete Riehm is the host of Common Sense Radio heard 8pm every Thursday on FMTalk106.5 or streaming at Email him at [email protected] or on Twitter @PeteRiehm or visit

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