Opportunities and pitfalls for a new transatlantic relationship on tech

My AEI colleague Claude Barfield recently wrote about the growing interest in resetting the US-EU relationship on digital and technology issues — and the daunting obstacles standing in the way. Right on cue, the European Commission has ....

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Mr. Lighthizer: ‘Tear down those walls’ surrounding Taiwan

My AEI colleagues Derek Scissors, Michael Mazza, and I have already made the economic and strategic case for the US to negotiate a free trade agreement with Taiwan. With Joe Biden’s victory in the US ....

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International trade during and after the pandemic: My long-read Q&A with Douglas Irwin

Does the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrate an over-reliance on international trade for medical supplies? How have the policies and rhetoric of the Trump administration changed the landscape of international trade? Will America and the world turn ....

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