Top 5 podcasts of 2020: ‘The Report Card’ with Nat Malkus

This blog post is part of AEI’s Best Podcasts of 2020 series. Click here to see other AEI podcast hosts’ favorite episodes of the year. My podcast, The Report Card, features interviews with education experts ....

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Supreme Court fight over outdated robocall statute has significant consequences

It has been quite a week for Facebook’s legal team. In addition to the antitrust cases that my AEI colleague Mark Jamison discussed yesterday, the company argued in the Supreme Court over the meaning of ....

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In Oracle-Google war, a battle of analogies will shape the future of software copyrights

As we saw a few weeks ago, the long-running software fight between Oracle and Google reached its crescendo in early October when the tech giants took up arms at the Supreme Court. While it will ....

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