What’s been the historical impact of populism on economies and political systems?

Donald Trump is gone, but his populism lives on. It’s not just that President Biden, like his predecessor, has signed a “Buy American” executive order for federal purchasing that’s meant to bolster domestic manufacturing. (Fun ....

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Yes, a $15 minimum wage everywhere in America really is a risky idea

What is populism? One way to define it is by referring to various policy views frequently associated with it, such as opposition to immigration and free trade. A deeper and more philosophical approach might define ....

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5 questions for Richard Reeves, Isabel Sawhill, and Michael Strain on the state of the middle class

Many Americans believe that the middle class has been left behind — that wage growth has slowed down, life expectancies have stagnated, and civil society has deteriorated. To what extent are these fair diagnoses? And ....

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