Still on the Mend, Kiani Gardner Works to Make Helping Fellow Alabamians Her Top Priority

Less than a month into her recovery from kidney donor surgery, Dr. Kiani Gardner and a team of volunteers were once again working to help fellow Alabamians who have been hit hardest by the economic impact of Covid-19.

As part of a joint effort by Bay Area Women’s Coalition, Mt. Hebron Baptist Church, Feeding the Gulf Coast and the Mobile County Democratic Party, Kiani and a team of a dozen volunteers from her campaign were on hand at The Bright Spot in Pritchard yesterday to assist with food distribution to local residents who have seen their jobs disappear due to Covid-19.

Thanks to everyone’s collective efforts, 500 boxes of food were distributed and 500 hot meals were served.  In addition to helping serve the meals and load boxes of food into cars, Kiani and her team of volunteers were on hand to assist with packing food boxes, helping to direct traffic and assisting those who needed the help with voter registration and absentee ballot applications, all while responsibly practicing social distancing and wearing masks per CDC guidelines.

Dr. Gardner had the following to say after the event: 

“While I am honored that I and my campaign were able to help out members of our community at this event and uplifted to see so many volunteers here to help fellow Alabamians, this entire event has also served as a painful reminder of how badly our current elected officials are failing the people of Alabama.  While the majority party in Montgomery is busy fighting over who gets to spend federal dollars on pet projects like a new statehouse, the hardworking men and women of this state are suffering because of the same old political games.”  

“Not that I needed a reminder of why I chose to run for Congress, but today has served as a brutal emphasis for why Alabamians need to turn out to vote in July and November and send the professional politicians to the same unemployment lines they are making the rest of Alabama suffer through.”