Statement from Robert Doar on the arrest of Jimmy Lai

Monday’s arrest by Hong Kong authorities of Apple Daily publisher and AEI friend Jimmy Lai under the new national security law shows just how far China’s leaders will go to suppress press freedom and punish those advocating for democracy and civil liberties in Hong Kong. There can be no more striking example of Beijing’s reneging on its pledge to maintain the territory’s freedoms and autonomy under the model of “one country, two systems” than this arrest and the massive police raid on Apple Daily’s offices earlier this morning.

These unjust actions reaffirm the need for a strong American role on the world stage that supports our allies and defends core values like freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and freedom to dissent. These basic political liberties are among the most important foundations of a well-functioning society. We at AEI stand with Lai as he fights for the rights and freedoms that mark every decent and just society.

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