Statement from Mayor Woodfin on verdict of Derek Chauvin

Statement from Mayor Woodfin on verdict of Derek Chauvin

Statement from Mayor Randall L. Woodfin following the verdict of Derek Chauvin:

“For far too long the people’s demands for justice and accountability following the deaths of unarmed civilians by police have gone unanswered. Today’s verdict marks a turning point where equal justice under the law should become accessible to every community.

Today, the Floyd family was given the accountability that they deserve, but nothing in this verdict will bring George Floyd back to his loved ones. I hope that the Floyd family is able to find some peace in today’s verdict.

The verdict is vindication to those of us who know that change is possible with courage and an unwavering commitment to justice. We must continue to press forward with the systemic reforms that are needed to fix our broken criminal justice system, ensure accountability, and protect all communities, including when the perpetrators are law enforcement.

We lose too many Black lives to police violence in this country, and accountability is the first step in reimagining a system of policing and community public safety that is truly reflective of our shared values and humanity.  This verdict is the beginning of what I hope will be the reckoning that this country desperately needs to continue to push for meaningful reforms that will make community public safety a reality for all communities.”