State Reps. Chip Brown and Shane Stringer Endorse Jerry Carl

Conservative RepublicanJerry Carl, candidate for Congress in Alabama’s 1st District, todayannounced that he has earned endorsements from State Representatives Chip Brownand Shane Stringer.

In a statement,State Rep. Chip Brown said, “Jerry Carl is a solid conservative who will workto defend the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. He’s pro-life andhe will work to bring good paying jobs to south Alabama. We need a fighter inWashington. Let’s vote for Jerry Carl on July 14th and send amessage to Washington.”

State Rep. ShaneStringer added, “I know that Jerry is passionate about south Alabama, and thathe will do an excellent job representing us and fighting for us in Washington. I’mconfident that Jerry will work with President Trump to get our economy roaringand deliver real results for south Alabama.”

In response,Jerry Carl said, “I am honored to earn the endorsement of so many local,conservative leaders in our district. As a Commissioner, I have worked closelywith Chip Brown and Shane Stringer to fight for south Alabama and make it abetter place. Unlike my opponent who has taken over $1.5 million from theoriginal Never Trump organization that has attacked President Trump, I am proudto be financed and supported by conservatives who actually live in southAlabama. I will go to Washington and work with President Trump to get ourcountry back on track, get the wall built, and push back against the socialistnonsense.”

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