Speeding towards Gomorrah

One of the most brilliant conservative jurists and scholars of our time, Judge Robert Bork wrote “Slouching towards Gomorrah” a quarter century ago. In that prophetic book, he gravely warned of the deleterious effects of “modern liberalism” on our culture and morality and the precipitous decline of America. Dead nearly a decade, Judge Bork would be shocked at how rapidly our culture is hurtling into degeneracy and society is sinking with a millstone into tyranny.

Liberalism masquerades as a compassionate squishy ideology that only wants to be sure you are clothed, fed, and housed, so you can be liberated to do whatever feels good. They will swear they only seek utopia for all people, so they are only asking for “equality.” By utopia, they mean that everyone receives the same outcome, so they must control every opportunity. Or more precisely, they must commandeer all resources, so our elite benefactors can ensure everyone gets their fair share. And they will determine what is fair and what is your share. You may know this as socialism.

By “equality,” liberals or leftists do not mean equality for all people under the law as prescribed in our Constitution.  In fact, if you do not accept their liberal orthodoxy, your rights should be curtailed.  You should be censored and even perhaps “cancelled;” for the temerity of clinging to your “guns and bibles,” no equality for you.  By “equality,” they mean equality of ideas or philosophies except anything conservative of course.  They are specifically targeting morality and more precisely demanding whatever vile immorality they can conjure is equal to age-old morality and accepted American values.

The LGBTQ movement is a front for erasing our culture and deconstructing our society.  Accepting homosexual marriage was only the ante to this dangerous gamble.  Transgenderism is at best gender dysphoria (an actual mental illness) and at worst unmitigated perversion.  This in an all-out attack on morality, so that ultimately there is no morality just whatever makes a wicked people feel good.  All of this was unthinkable just a few decades ago, so don’t think it will stop.  Sin always takes you farther than you want to go, so this will eventually lead to efforts to normalize pedophilia.

The Chinese Democrat controlled House passed the “Equality Act” which is a euphemism to fool Americans that they seek equality.  Make no mistake; this is a concerted assault on religious freedom.  Any sort of religious morality impedes their efforts to promote every manner of immorality, so religious freedom must be abolished.  Sounds crazy, but liberals cannot push all this LCBTQ nonsense as normal with moral Americans calling it sin, so you must lose your right to call it sin.  No religious freedom for you.

Dr. Susan Berry wrote a comprehensive article for Breitbart News explaining seven salient points on how the “Equality Act” is speeding towards Gomorrah.  First, it ends federal recognition of the timeless binary genders of male and female to allow the federal government to recognize as many “gender identities” as depravity can imagine.  That would then destroy the right to privacy for girls and women in the restroom; anyone who identifies is welcome including old men in heels.  And forget about female sports, it’s all a girly boys’ game now.  No athletic scholarships for your daughters.

Obliviously, we want to protect tour kids, but the Equality Act will be used to mandate public schools teach our children any gender deviancy is normal and thereby not immoral.  So after your kids have been indoctrinated that their gender is fluid and by golly they should experiment with their sexuality, if parents object to their child’s decision to indulge the deranged gender dysphoria they were taught, the good caring people in government will take your kids.

Oh but you protest that you have the right to object to whatever immorality is forced down your throat because you have freedom of religion.  Not so fast, the Equality Act in a wholly unconstitutional usurpation exempts itself from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  Forget the Bill of Rights, you nor any religious organization can object to any deviant nonsense based on religious beliefs.  And to guarantee abortions on demand, they created this crazy notion that abortions cannot be denied because that would be “discrimination on the basis of pregnancy.”  That’s right; forget the murder of innocent life; that would be discrimination against the pregnant.

It seems our ruling elite want immorality. Not exactly; they demand conformity and control. They know that a moral people demand freedom to live life as prescribed by our Creator and worship Him as they choose. They know we will fight and die for that right, but they also know an immoral people will gladly submit to any authority that allows them their wicked indulgences. John Adams declared “our Constitution is for a moral and virtuous people and wholly inadequate for any other.” So liberals must foster an immoral and lazy people if they ever hope to circumvent our Constitution and impose tyranny.

“Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.” Romans 1:32

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