Shame on You, Jeff Sessions

If Jeff Sessions had been as pissed off about Obama-era Deep State liberal holdovers at his FBI and Justice Department attempting a coup d’etat as Tommy Tuberville says he is about veterans committing suicide without help from the Veterans Administration, he might still be Attorney General. Instead, he is now a former United States Attorney General, running for the Senate seat he willingly gave up in order to be humiliated on the world stage as Attorney General.

The erstwhile senator Alabama can’t seem to quit is also launching negative attack ads against one of his opponents, former Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville. In this ad, Jeff Sessions attacks Tommy Tuberville for saying that he is “pissed off at Donald Trump” over veteran health care and the fact that an average of 22 veterans a day commit suicide in this country. Since he launched it in 2019, one of Coach Tuberville’s biggest platforms in his campaign has been ensuring better healthcare services to veterans through the VA or some other form of healthcare. His campaign even fed an audio clip to an extremely pro-Sessions website (Breitbart News, which has been roundly criticized for a less-than stellar reputation in the journalism world), that was completely taken out of context by the reporter. I am a product of the public education system of the state of Mississippi, so by no means am I “hooked on phonics”. However, even those of us who only halfway paid attention in sixth grade grammar class when the teacher was talking about prepositional phrases will understand that that this audio clip was taken way out of context. This clip and the story written by that journalist are simply inaccurate.

Tommy Tuberville is by no means blaming Donald Trump for illegal immigration, or even giving illegal immigrants government handouts as the Breitbart article insinuates. Only the wackiest of wacky kooks would believe that. Jeff Sessions is smarter than that. The question is does Jeff Sessions believe the voters of Alabama aren’t smarter than that?

Jeff Sessions claims in his attack ad that Coach Tuberville said that he would “put Donald Trump in his place”. Can anyone please tell me the last time anybody (other than perhaps his parents) that has ever walked the face of this earth put Donald Trump in his place? Go ahead, tell me. I’ll wait. Since Donald Trump became president, there is no politician or government official that has ever put him in his place. Jeff Sessions certainly couldn’t do it as Attorney General, and we’re finding out that Bill Barr is having a difficult time attempting to do it as well. So if Jeff Sessions believes that the voters of Alabama are naive enough to believe that Coach Tuberville even wants to put Donald Trump in his place, then maybe Jeff Sessions is out of touch with Alabama values and Alabama voters.

Coach Tuberville has repeatedly explained this audio clip on the campaign trail. Recently he did so at a Baldwin County Eastern Shore Republican Women’s meeting when a long time Bradley Byrne supporter confronted him about it. He explained yet again that when he said he was pissed off at Donald Trump about the condition of healthcare services at the VA, he was holding Trump accountable as the leader of the free world for not having accomplished something he said he was going to do when he was running for president in 2016. It is now 2020, which means the Trump administration has had 3 years to figure out the problems with the VA and come up with a workable solution to the problem. Yet, we still have 22 veterans a day committing suicide. It is more than fair to ask the President of the United States where the buck stops, and when he intends to uphold his campaign promise.

The dirty politicking and negative campaign tactics that are going on in this race now were started by the current third-ranked candidate in the race and are now being perpetuated and continued by the front-runner in the race. The fact of the matter is that this type of negative campaign advertising is beneath the office these candidates seek. As a 20-year veteran of the United States Senate, the front-running Jeff Sessions should have dignity and the respect for the office to which he finds himself applying. The only person this type of campaigning helps is Doug Jones. Senator Jones can just sit back and look like the adult in the room without doing anything. We are Republicans. We are Conservatives. We are better than this. We, as Republican and Conservative voters of this state, should demand better from the people that want to represent us. We should demand better from every level of government. 

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