Set Up, Smear, Steal

America has been roiled since the presidential election. Despite growing evidence of widespread voter fraud and voting systems manipulation, nothing has been done to address the very real concerns and grave grievances of roughly half of Americans. Law enforcement has not completed and reported any investigations. Wanting to avoid the appearance of “partisanship,” the courts have abandoned their duty to examine criminality and uphold justice by dismissing or refusing to give any case a full hearing. Finally, the Democrat Media Complex flat out denies any evidence exists and hides any that leaks out, so the other half of the country actually thinks there was no election cheating at all! Not since the Civil War, has America been more divided. Joe Biden calls for unity, so why doesn’t he recognize half the voters consider him a fraud and therefore welcome a comprehensive examination of the election to reassure ALL Americans he did indeed win a fair election? Not only will there be no investigations; if you question the election results, you will be censored and perhaps even cancelled in business and culture. Does that sound like folks who fairly won a hotly contested election or desperate partisans with something to hide? With law enforcement and our judicial systems abdicating their duties on the most controversial important dispute of our time, it appeared it would fall to the Congress to sort this mess out. With seven states certifying two sets of Electors and asking Congress to allow them to resolve the issue, it seemed reasonable that Congress would challenge the Electors of those states and send them back. Once again, Republicans were slow to embrace the challenge and even then did not exude any confidence they would stand. So patriotic Americans across this land answered the call to go to Washington on 6 January 2021 to give Republicans courage and confidence a substantial portion of the electorate demanded proof of election integrity. About a million Americans descended on our Capitol 6 January to support President Trump, but mostly to express their distinct displeasure with a fraudulent election to the Congress. About 99.9% of those protesters were average hard working Americans from every state in the union; and the majority were middle age and beyond. These were law abiding citizens that pick up their own trash; they were praying more than they were protesting. The march to the Capitol had the singular goal to make our presence known and our voices heard. The crowd was huge, but outside the Capitol there was not a large police presence and none in riot gear. Initially, police just watched throngs walk by and seemed indifferent as they gathered at the steps on both sides of the Capitol. The scant police presence suddenly disappeared from the steps and the crowd filled the vacuum, but they turned back to the crowd to wave their banners and flags. At that point, there was no indication anyone was trying to enter the building. In an enormous crowd, there are always some folks that are more rowdy and unruly than the rest. All day most of the folks were pretty normal, but there were some suspicious characters here and there. Sometime after 2pm, some of these supposed protesters were starting to get aggressive. Some stood on official vehicles which most of the grandparents there would never do and then some started trying to break windows and doors. There is video of man trying to break a window, a woman screaming “he is ANTIFA,” and then a guy in a MAGA hat pulling him away from the window. The police had abandoned the perimeter, so the humongous crowd was on the steps and at the doors, but 99.9% of those folks would not enter the building and had no idea anyone had. But indeed some people did enter the building. The media reports violent rioters overran the Capitol, but aside from shooting an unarmed Air Force Veteran, the only reports and videos from inside are of a few knuckleheads taking selfies on the House floor, sitting in Pelosi’s chair, or absconding with memorabilia. How come the police shot an unarmed woman, but did not shoot the vandals breaking glass or whoever was SHOOTING through the door of the House?! Seriously, if the intent of the million MAGA crowd was to seize the Capitol, they would still be there. There are no pictures of more than a dozen folks inside. Something stinks to high heaven! The Secret Service last Monday warned Congress ANTIFA might try to infiltrate the protest. However, the now ex-Capitol Police Chief says BOTH McConnell and Pelosi refused extra security. During the excitement, it appears a few Trump supporters may have been swept up in the moment; and there were probably some rogue Trump supporters with more radical intentions than the rest. However, it is clear there were other agitators among us to incite the crowd. Anarchists will protest with anyone to create chaos and mayhem. The news reporting of that day has been the greatest distortion of our lifetimes. It was clearly a set-up. About a hundred or so bad actors and idiots vandalized the Capitol, but even that doesn’t make sense compared to the crowd. For the past year, we have watched ANTIFA/BLM engage in violent riots across the country; they burned and looted our major cities. They intimidated citizens, beat people, and assaulted police, but they were never condemned and NOT even prosecuted. No one condones the vandalism and violence in the Capitol, but it pales in comparison. So the Democrat Media Complex again overlooked the truth and demonized the 99.9% of Patriots as “domestic terrorists.” The propaganda machines went into overdrive to smear good solid Americans in hopes of damaging Trump and distracting from their cause. It worked. Later that night, the cowardly Congress folded. They reconvened to quickly and quietly certify a fraudulent election. The lawlessness of few renegades is nothing compared to the lawlessness of a Congress that would allow the presidency to be stolen. “For all these things I weep; tears flow down my cheeks. No one is here to comfort me; any who might encourage me are far away. My children have no future, for the enemy has conquered us.” Lamentations 1:16 Pete Riehm is the host of Common Sense Radio heard 8pm every Thursday on FMTalk106.5 or streaming at Email him at [email protected] or on Twitter @PeteRiehm or visit

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