Sessions Releases alAttack Ad

Today, Jeff Sessions released a new video, “Every Day,” that will immediately begin running statewide across Alabama on digital platforms. The ad will move to television in the coming weeks. WATCH “EVERY DAY” HERE.

Jon Jones, campaign manager for Sessions, said, “Florida already has two senators, they don’t need a third one. Tommy Tuberville doesn’t know the first thing about Alabama – our industries, our agriculture, our military, and our businesses. He didn’t even vote for Governor Kay Ivey in the last election and doesn’t vote here now. He pays taxes in Florida! It’s past time Alabamians saw through the phony, Florida Man Tommy Tuberville. He has never fought for our conservative values and would be an embarrassment to Alabama.” 

Tuberville is a tourist in Alabama — he lives, votes, and pays taxes in Florida. Tuberville even claimed to be a “carpetbagger” and is just passing through Alabama on the way to a Florida retirement at his beach house. 


ANNOUNCER: Tommy Tuberville is using us for his own political gain.

TUBERVILLE: I’m gonna be the next US Senator from the state of Alabama.

ANNOUNCER: Nope. It’s all an act.

TUBERVILLE: I’m not an every day resident of Alabama.

ANNOUNCER: Did he really say that?

TUBERVILLE: I’m not an every day resident of Alabama.

ANNOUNCER: Then you can’t be Alabama’s Senator. This is our Senate seat. We demand someone who will stand up for Alabama. Every day.

JEFF SESSIONS: I’m Jeff Sessions. I’m from Alabama. I approve this ad.

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