Sessions issues statement on Lawsuit over Absentee Ballots

Today, Senator Jeff Sessions issued the following statement on a federal judge striking down portions of Alabama’s safeguards against absentee voting fraud

This lawsuit has been funded and driven by hard-left advocacy groups like the SPLC. This is another part of an agenda driven by the extreme left that weakens voter integrity, and seeks to remove Alabama’s strong photo voter ID law and eventually do away with polling places altogether. I have fought against this agenda my entire career. The integrity of the ballot is essential. Alabama’s procedures are well-established and have been upheld as constitutional.

Now, while the Court strikes down the legitimate security provisions in Alabama’s election law, liberal Democrats continue to push this absurd idea that we stop having polling places and that all ballots just be mailed out, indiscriminately, to every voter at their last known address. Such a policy cannot be secure.

We need an honest and fair election. Alabama’s current law is perfectly reasonable, and Secretary of State John Merrill has done an outstanding job in overseeing this election during extraordinarily unusual circumstances.

This last-minute decision results in less security in the ballot process and creates confusion and uncertainty in the last weeks of the campaign. Attorney General Steve Marshall is right to quickly file a notice of appeal seeking an immediate reversal of Judge Abdul Kallon’s decision.

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