Sessions Hits Tuberville on China

This week, Jeff Sessions rolled out an ambitious, comprehensive plan to hold the Communist Chinese Government accountable for its cover-up of the Wuhan Virus that has killed thousands of people and devastated economies across the globe. 

Meanwhile, Tommy Tuberville says, “We can’t worry about China.” 

In a stunning interview Thursday on the Matt & Aunie radio show on Talk 99.5 in Birmingham, Tuberville expressed a naive, weak, and dangerously ignorant stance on China. 

From the transcript:

RADIO HOST: What do you see happening with China?

TUBERVILLE: Well, we can’t worry about China right now…

Follow-up question from the host, and Tuberville’s response:

RADIO HOST: You say you don’t need to worry about China, but this came from China and our economy depends on China. Specifically how to overcome some of that dependence on Chinese goods and specifically in the pharmaceutical industry because right now we’re dependent on the country that covered this up.

TUBERVILLE: …now we’re seeing firsthand the results of letting everything go to China. The good thing about this is we’ll have manufacturing come back and drugs and all those things….we’re headed in that direction, just the simple fact that we can’t control our own destiny. Everything’s controlled by China. But that’ll take care of itself.

During the show, Tuberville also characterized the Wuhan Virus, which has killed over 53,000 people and infected more than 1 million people across the globe, including over 1,300 already in Alabama, as “just a virus.” 

Jeff Sessions issued this statement in response on Friday:

“Amazingly, Tommy Tuberville said yesterday, ‘We can’t worry about China right now.’ 

“China is where the virus is from, and their deliberate lies hid the danger and resulted in a pandemic that never should have happened. We must take on China now and win, not run scared like Tommy Tuberville. 

“There are over 1 million infected with the Wuhan Virus, and more than 1,300 in Alabama already. This is serious. But Tommy Tuberville said yesterday that ‘this is just a virus.’ What planet is he on? Tuberville is clueless. No wonder he’s scared to debate me.

“We must stop relying on China for our critical medicines and equipment. I have a detailed plan to fix it. Amazingly, Tuberville also said yesterday, ‘Everything’s controlled by China, but that’ll take care of itself.’ Wrong! We must lead with action, this will not ‘take care of itself.’

“Alabama’s next Senator must be a leader who has the drive and determination to push a Congress that is too often unwilling to confront the critical issues of our time. 

“I have proven my willingness and preparedness to lead from Day One. 

“Tuberville is weak: all talk and no action.”

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