Sessions hits Tuberville for delayed campaign finance report

Why is Tommy Tuberville hiding from the voters of Alabama?

Federal law requires political candidates to periodically file personal financial disclosure reports; these reports are essential to knowing who a candidate is potentially influenced by.

Friday, May 15, was the deadline for the annual report—and yet, 6 days later, Tommy Tuberville still hasn’t filed his annual financial report.

“Tommy Tuberville is hiding from the voters of Alabama—the question is why? Why won’t Tommy release his financial dealings, as required by law, so that the people of Alabama can know who is paying him? Jeff Sessions has followed the law, filed his report, and been transparent with the voters,” said John Rogers, Sessions campaign spokesman.

“Tommy Tuberville continues to duck and hide, from the voters and from Jeff Sessions. He’s trying to avoid a debate with Jeff Sessions because Tommy can’t defend his ‘we can’t worry about China’ comments. He wants to give the Chinese Communist Party a free pass. But China must be held accountable and Tommy Tuberville must come clean to the voters about his financial dealings,” Rogers said.

The Tuberville campaign responded by saying that they have 30 more days to turn in their financial disclosure reports without penalty.

Tuberville campaign manager Paul Sashy released the following statement in response to the criticism from the Sessions campaign, “Throughout this campaign, Coach has been frank, open, and transparent about his finances, as evidenced by his pledge to donate his full Senate salary to veterans’ charities, and his filing will be submitted before the penalty deadline.J eff Sessions’ report showed that he personally pocketed more than $100,000 in speaking fees from swampy special interest groups seeking his favor, which is one thing you won’t see on Coach’s filing.”