Rep. Sewell announces Coronavirus Grants for AL Housing Authorities

U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell (AL-07) was thrilled to announce $8,243,026 in funding for 17 housing authorities throughout Alabama’s 7th Congressional District today, which was included in the CARES Act supplemental public housing operating funds passed earlier this month. These funds were allocated to support public housing programs both in combatting the health threat of the coronavirus and mitigating its economic impact, including maintaining operating costs.

“I am thrilled by the additional funding allocated to public housing authorities across my district to support their efforts to protect their residents against the health threats and serious financial hardships caused by the Coronavirus,” said Rep. Sewell.. “This pandemic has only amplified the real health and economic challenges facing vulnerable communities. I know that these funds are not enough to solve this problem, but it is my hope that they will help bridge the gap as we continue to work toward finding a vaccine and cure to the COVID-19 crisis.” 

“The Housing Authority of the Birmingham District is appreciative and truly thankful for Congresswoman Terri Sewell’s incredible efforts to secure these much needed funds through the CARES Act for our agency and public housing agencies across the state,” said Dontrelle Young- Foster, Interim President and CEO of the Housing Authority of Birmingham. “Since the COVID-19 pandemic, HABD has partnered with the city of Birmingham, UAB and many other generous partners to provide COVID-19 messaging, feeding programs, prevention education, internet services, on-site resident testing and transportation to testing sites. HABD will continue the partnerships and expand the services and outreach to ensure that we meet all of the needs of our residents and staff during this health crisis as it relates to testing, education, community engagement, sanitization of our properties, and fulfilling all the needs of our families as they arise .” 

“As many of us know all too well, low to moderate-income families are among the most vulnerable during times of economic uncertainty,”said Chris Hall, Executive Director, Tuscaloosa Housing Authority. “This funding is invaluable in terms of providing us with the additional resources necessary to assist the families we serve during the COVID-19 crisis. The Tuscaloosa Housing Authority (THA) is committed to ensuring that 100% of these funds go directly to those who need it the most. On behalf of the THA, I want to express my sincerest appreciation to Congresswoman Terri Sewell for her continued support of affordable housing, and for continuing to be a true champion for the people of Alabama’s 7th District.”

“As a housing director, this is much needed funding for a rural area community,”said Anita Lewis of Greene County Public Housing Authority. “We have served the community the best, we can, short of PPE and proper protections. My staff has worked extra hours in order to protect the community from this virus. We would like to thank Congresswoman Sewell for helping us fill in the gap with the funding from the CARES Act and we will continue to do our part.”

“I am so grateful for all of Congresswoman Sewell’s work in securing these funds,”said Kennard Randolph, Executive Director of the Selma Housing Authority.. “These funds will go a long way toward helping us keep our staff and continue to operate, providing necessary services for our most vulnerable.”

Below is a full list of housing authority CARES Act funding recipients in Alabama’s 7th Congressional District:

Housing Authority of the Birmingham 4,759,762.00

Montgomery County Housing Authority 856,213.00

Housing Authority of Tuscaloosa 555,018.00

Bessemer Housing Authority 549,650.00

Selma Housing Authority 309,692.00

Northport Housing Authority 261,727.00

Fairfield Housing Authority 256,496.00

Housing Authority of Greene 143,155.00

Housing Authority of the City of Demopolis 109,800.00

Housing Authority of the City of Aliceville 63,676.00

Tarrant Housing Authority 60,987.00

Housing Authority of the City of Livingston 58,076.00

York Housing Authority 53,449.00

Uniontown Housing Authority 48,933.00

Gordo Housing Authority 34,459.00

Housing Authority of the City of Eutaw 29,664..00

Housing Authority of Reform 27,858.00

Housing Authority of the City of Linden 23,712.00

Housing Authority of the City of Greensboro 23,475.00

Housing Authority of the City of Marion 17,224.00