Registered Nurses and Retail Salespersons

Data collected and analyzed by the Alabama Department of Labor’s Labor Market Information (LMI) Division shows that the five occupations with the most online wanted ads were for registered nurses, retail salespersons, sales representatives (wholesale and manufacturing, except technical and scientific products), customer service representatives, and software developers with more than 9,000 ads placed for those occupations in April.

Total ads are down by 21.1% over the year.

The HWOL data is compiled from all online job postings in the state, including those posted on the state’s free online jobs database,, and other sources; such as traditional job boards, corporate boards, and social media sites.

Registered nurses earn a mean wage of $29.26 per hour, retail salespersons earn a mean wage of $13.04 per hour, and wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives earn a mean wage of $32.13 per hour.

Twenty percent of job ads have salaries in the $50-75,000 range; 16% have salaries of $75,000 and above; 21% have salaries in the $35-49,000 range; and 43% have salaries of $35,000 or under.

The top three employers posting ads in April were: UAB Medicine (736), Auto Zone Auto Parts (446), and Ascension Health (416). These were followed by UAB (405), Hibbett Sports (376), the University of South Alabama (358), Dollar General (344), Lowe’s (309), Encompass Home Health (308), and Southeastern Grocers (302) to round out the top 10 employers with the most online ads.

Industrial Engineers are the focus of this month’s in-depth analysis by the LMI division. The median annual salary is $70,605.. The most requested certification in online job ads was for security clearance at 11.1%.