The Professional Fire Fighters of Alabama, an association that represents the needs and interests of fire fighters across the state, announced on Tuesday its endorsement of Coach Tommy Tuberville’s Republican campaign for U.S. Senate.

The endorsement was finalized by the PFFA membership at the group’s statewide convention, which was held in Anniston last week.

“One of our biggest concerns is making sure our firefighters go home safely at the end of their shift, and proper staffing levels and state of the art equipment make this possible,” PFFA State President David Harer, a firefighter with the Huntsville Fire Department, said. “Firefighters across Alabama know that Coach Tuberville stands with us, and he will help grow the economy, so we can obtain the resources our departments need.”

Tuberville, who noted his deep respect for first responders and the important responsibility they carry, welcomed the nod for his candidacy.

“Professional firefighters possess a courage and bravery that few can match, and they face potential danger each time the alarm bell rings, so I am proud to carry their endorsement and full support.,” Tuberville said. “First responders know how important it is to have elected officials who are willing to fight for them, and I am firmly in their corner.”

The PFFA joins other groups and individuals who have previously endorsed the Tuberville campaign, and among those are President Donald Trump, the Alabama Farmers Federation, the Alabama Forestry Association, and the conservative Club for Growth.

In addition, the National Association for Gun Rights has announced its support for Tuberville while the National Rifle Association recently awarded him its highest “AQ” pro-Second Amendment rating while grading his opponent, liberal Democrat Doug Jones, with an anti-gun “D” rating.

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