Pro-Trump Group Launches Ads Targeting Doug Jones

America First Policies is unveiling a $1 million anti-impeachment advertisement buy targeted in three states, starting in Alabama tomorrow.
The Alabama ads will encompass broadcast and cable advertising in four markets covering 87.6% of voters in the state: Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, & Montgomery. The overall ad buy will be $850k television and $150k digital, with about a $450k spend in Alabama alone.

America First policies is a non-profit advocacy organization formed in 2017 to advocate for and push agendas closely aligned with the policies advocated for by President Donald Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign. Many of the top leaders of America first policies are former campaign or administration officials that have left the administration but continue to advocate for its policies. Two of the top leadership with America first policies had to leave the administration due to being caught on camera espousing racist or Nazi sympathizing views on social media or on video.

The advertisement starts with images of Rep. Adam Schiff, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Maxine Waters discussing impeachment.
“The radical left’s impeachment obsession. It’s a shameful witch hunt. And Doug Jones?” a narrator says in the ad, before playing a clip of Jones saying impeachment is “not a witch hunt, it’s not a hoax.”

“Instead of fighting for our values, instead of confirming conservative judges, instead of securing our borders by funding the wall, Jones is siding with them,” the narrator says.

When reached for comment, Jones’ Senate spokeswoman Caroline Stonecipher reacted with, “This ad is an attempt to distract from Senator Jones’ record of getting things done on behalf of the people of Alabama. Anyone who has followed Senator Jones in recent months knows that he is committed to upholding his oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and he has approached this impeachment trial with the seriousness it demands. Contrary to the blatant lies in this ad, he has also supported over 70 percent of President Trump’s judicial nominees and has voted at least five times for additional border security funding. Regardless of pressure from outside groups, Senator Jones will remain focused on being an independent voice for Alabamians.”

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