President Trump Cancels Plans to Move Coronavirus Patients to Alabama

On Sunday afternoon, both Senator Richard Shelby and Governor Kay ivey announced that President Donald Trump had called them to inform them that the plans announced by the Department of Health and Human services to move patients evacuated from the cruise ship diamond princess infected with the Corona virus to the FEMA facility in Anniston Alabama had been canceled.

In a press release sent out late Friday night, HHS had announced that they would be moving passengers evacuated from the cruise ship and had tested positive for the Corona virus but not showing any symptoms to the Anniston facility. They also said that any patients that would become ill while staying at the Anniston facility would be moved for more intensive treatment to an undisclosed pre-vetted hospital in the area.

The governor released a statement on Sunday morning saying that the state and local officials had had preliminary discussions with HHS and that they had been promised that the plans for the Anniston facility were only a backup plan in the event that more space was needed than what they believed that they were going to need to quarantine people with the Corona virus.

Local officials in Anniston on Saturday held a press conference stating that they had not been informed of these plans and had been left out of the planning for the decision. The president of the county commission in Anniston even floated the idea of going to court to get an injunction against the federal government from implementing the plan. This would have been a move similar to whatThe city of Costa Mesa California did this week and going to federal court and getting an injunction prohibiting the federal government from moving patients quarantined with the Corona virus to their city.
Earlier on Sunday, Tommy Tuberville’s campaign issued a statement on his behalf saying, “The coronavirus patients have my prayers for comfort and healing, but protecting the health of Alabamians must be our top priority. Alabama needs a fighter who will take action in the U.S. Senate. By not stopping the planned transfer of coronavirus patients to Alabama, ’One-and-Done Doug Jones’ is proving that he is also ‘Do-Nothing Doug Jones’.

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