Prattville Citizens to Mayor and Council: DO MORE!!

Prattville, AL—The citizens of the “Preferred Community” commonly known as Prattville are concerned with their town and want their mayor and city council to do more for them as a whole.
Mrs. Trishundra Henderson-Parks is an intake clerk at the Autauga County Health Department. Born, raised, and now living there with a family of her own, she says that there are not enough things for the children and youth to be a part of and businesses. She explained, “We need more businesses here that will engage our youth so that they don’t get in trouble and different resources that they can reach out to without being judged or being ridiculed…” She adds that the mayor and city council is indeed making some changes and the mayor himself had lunch with her kids. “He loves Prattville and his people of Prattville,” she replied.

Mr. Ell White II is a retired US Army Major and current human trafficking advocate for the One Place Family Justice Center. He has lived in the community before and after his military service. He had a laundry list of issues concerning Prattville such as a lack of diversity. Even though he acknowledged that Prattville is a diverse community, he indicated, “I don’t think the leadership addresses the diverse community that it has.” He goes to say that while the mayor is doing okay, he could do better. “Prattville has a homeless population, and they aren’t doing anything to address it.” “They are not doing enough to address the educational problem right here in Prattville, and I think we can do better.” He concluded that the mayor is indeed approachable, but that he could be more approachable.

Mrs. Sandra Hill is a retired probate comptroller of the Autauga County Probate Office. Having lived in the community since 1971, She had some concerns regarding her town like not enough African American representation in the county and city government. When asked how are the mayor and city council doing on behalf of the community, she proclaimed, “I don’t think they address issues the way that they should.” “I believe instead of addressing issues, they act as if the issues don’t exist…” In her opinion, she concludes that the mayor could stand up more and do what he was elected to do.

The citizens of Prattville want the best for their mayor and city council, but ask that they do more for their community. As the saying goes, don’t just talk about it. Be about it!

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