Poarch Creek Indians fund new Bloodmobile

 The Poarch Band of Creek Indians (PCI) announced today the donation of $150,000 to the American Red Cross for the purchase of a new Bloodmobile.

PCI Tribal Chair and CEO, Stephanie A. Bryan, released the following quote:

The American Red Cross is an incredible community partner and the Poarch Band of Creek Indians is proud to assist them in their efforts. I am pleased to announce our donation for the purchase of a Bloodmobile, which will allow the Red Cross to replace an outdated one, and continue their mission of saving lives. I commend the Red Cross for their hard work during this time and always.”

This donation will enable the Red Cross to purchase a new Bloodmobile, and save up to 30,000 lives.

“Every two seconds, someone in America needs blood. The American Red Cross has a long history of providing safe and reliable blood services through voluntary donations in Alabama,” said Mark Beddingfield, CEO of the Red Cross Alabama Region. “We value the generous support of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians and community partners throughout Alabama whose contributions enable us to provide lifesaving blood to patients in need.”