Peace Only Comes Through Strength

    After more than a week of the Chicken Little press squawking about Iranian missiles falling from the sky, the whole charade was a dud.  The terrorist Iranian regime and their proxies were certainly an imminent threat to American forces and interests in the Middle East, their neighbors, and their own people; but the possibility of World War III only lived in the fevered imaginations of the leftist Democrat/Media complex cheering for President Trump to meet his Benghazi.

    Never mind Iran has been at war with America for forty years, consistently targeting Americans, fomenting instability all around the Middle East, and regularly exporting terrorism.  And forget how Iran was steadily increasing aggressive attacks the past year. Democrats and the mainstream media insist President Trump is the aggressor provoking the scary Iranians.

    Throughout 2019 Trump showed enormous restraint while Iran repeatedly attacked shipping lanes and seized vessels, bombed Saudi oilfields, and even shot down a US drone.  Despite attacking an American military asset, Trump reasoned it was not proportional to retaliate with a military strike and possible loss of life for an unmanned drone. So he simply warned Iran and declared a redline that America would not tolerate.  He stated if Iran killed any Americans, he would respond in kind.

    Unlike Obama’s line in the blowing sand, Trump meant it.  When Iranian backed militias in Iraq bombed an Iraqi military base killing an American contractor and wounding several American service members last month, Trump was true to his word.  He ordered a missile attack on the militia base killing a couple dozen Iranians and their proxies.

    The Iranians apparently thought they were still dealing with Obama and didn’t take Trump at his word, so they attacked the American Embassy in Baghdad breaching the outer perimeter.  Unlike Benghazi, when the Embassy called for help, Trump promptly dispatched about a hundred Marines who within hours repelled the Iranian attackers and secured the Embassy without any American casualties.  No Benghazi on Trump’s watch.

    Attacking an American Embassy is an attack on the United States and President Trump fully understands that, but the Iranians were still plotting to attack other American Embassies according to intelligence reports.  Having crossed Trump’s redline and attacked an Embassy, President Trump ordered a preemptive attack to protect Americans from an imminent threat which is his Constitutional duty.

    Iran’s top general and terrorist mastermind General Qassim Suleimani arrived at the Baghdad Airport a couple days later, but he did not receive pallets of cash.  He was greeted by American Hellfire missiles that ended his reign of terror and killed a few other high ranking officials for good measure. It became crystal clear to Iran that Trump was serious.

    While Iran got the message, Democrat politicians and the American press did not.  They agonized for days how we were on the brink of World War III. They expected and surmised with bizarre giddiness how the Iranians would bring a devastating retaliation and that because of Trump no American was safe.  But the wily Iranians realized that actually no Iranian was safe.

    While Democrats and media morbidly hoped and waited for Iranian carnage they could finally hang around Trump’s neck, the Iranians wisely notified the Iraqis they would be launching some missiles into the sand and to please stand clear.   After a night of cable news hand wringing, there were NO American casualties and Iran was standing down.

    President Trump played this perfectly.  He held his fire until it was absolutely necessary and then he wielded American power with decisive and overwhelming effect.  Iran has been cowed and publically stated it does not seek escalation and is no longer targeting Americans. That is how you deal with a bully.

    But there is more beauty in Trump’s brilliance.  He amply demonstrated a strong steadfast America is safer; and he showed Obama’s foreign policy of appeasement to be fundamentally flawed.  He again exposed the media for criminal fake news in breathlessly repeating Iranian propaganda. And he gave Democrats another opportunity to reveal their affinity for our enemies if they think it can damage Trump.

    President Reagan used American strength to defeat the Soviet Union and President Trump is using it to avoid a wider war in the Middle East and restore global stability.  Trump is again proving peace is only possible through strength, so it’s absolutely unconscionable that the Democrat House is trying to tie Trump’s hands while facing down one of our most brutal cold blooded sworn enemies.  Stand for America and send Democrats packing in 2020!

    “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are in peace.”  Luke 11:21

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