Parole Hearing Decisions | August 6, 2020

The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles held 35 parole hearings Thursday, granting nine paroles and denying 26. One case was continued until Sept. 8. 

Among those denied parole were 16 inmates who have been convicted of violent crimes.

Editor’s Note: The list below contains the names of the inmates considered for parole Thursday, Aug. 6, along with their county or counties of conviction, a notice of whether the inmates have any convictions for violent crimes on their records, and the parole board’s decision. News organizations can go to the Alabama Department of Corrections inmate database and search by the AIS number listed below for details on the inmates’ records of offenses. 

Last Name First, Middle AIS# Hearing Date County/Counties of Conviction Does the inmate have any convictions for violent crimes?   Parole Decision
Archee Terry Leon 319157 08/06/2020 Covington, Shelby No Denied
Armitage Gerald William 112069 08/06/2020 Madison, Elmore, Escambia Yes Denied
Barfield Marcus Shawn 323173 08/06/2020 Cullman No Granted
Bennett Buddy Wayne 310999 08/06/2020 Marshall, Blount, Cullman No Denied
Best Donald Ray Jr 286257 08/06/2020 Talladega No Denied
Booth Justin McCoy 318684 08/06/2020 Cullman, Pickens, St. Clair Yes Granted
Brinson Tremalle Dashaon 311094 08/06/2020 Mobile No Granted
Dempsey Damon Blake 308001 08/06/2020 Marshall Yes Denied
Dodd Cheryl Leann 306894 08/06/2020 Winston, Marion No Granted
Dunaway Ian Scott 322999 08/06/2020 Mobile No Denied
Galbraith Skylar Brett 245843 08/06/2020 Marion, Fayette Yes Denied
Goldsmith Alfonzo Jr 187932 08/06/2020 Butler Yes Denied
Griggs Russell Sterling 298178 08/06/2020 Covington Yes Denied
Hagood Christopher James 272507 08/06/2020 Lawrence No Granted
Hemphill Percell 146227 08/06/2020 Tuscaloosa Yes Denied
Holt Harold Dean 149671 08/06/2020 Pike, Limestone Yes Denied
Hudson April D 311432 08/06/2020 Geneva No Denied
Keef Christopher Lee 298603 08/06/2020 DeKalb, Jackson No Continued
Keeton Steven Matthew 321337 08/06/2020 Winston No Denied
Lewis David Lee 149157 08/06/2020 Dallas Yes Denied
McAnally Bradley Joe 212333 08/06/2020 Morgan, Madison No Denied
Morris Tommy 218272 08/06/2020 Chilton, Shelby No Granted
Nelson Clancy Dallas 320557 08/06/2020 Baldwin No Denied
Peeler Tristan Lee 323290 08/06/2020 Calhoun No Granted
Pennington Anthony Brody 297071 08/06/2020 Marion, Fayette Yes Denied
Pope Tony Michael 157667 08/06/2020 Marengo Yes Denied
Reatherford Claude Bennet 141417 08/06/2020 Lauderdale No Granted
Roper Marquis Antonio 278388 08/06/2020 Mobile Yes Denied
Swann Darrell Wayne 186130 08/06/2020 Calhoun, Etowah No Denied
Tingle James Wesley Tyler 300297 08/06/2020 Lauderdale Yes Granted
Tunstall Carolyn Ann 158141 08/06/2020 Mobile No Denied
Turner Fletcher 142953 08/06/2020 Hale Yes Denied
Turner James Alan 221689 08/06/2020 Jefferson, Cullman Yes Denied
Williams Phillip Todd 198416 08/06/2020 Jefferson, Mobile Yes Denied
Williams Quentin Lamara 216462 08/06/2020 Calhoun Yes Denied
Wynter Jevon Tarik 319655 08/06/2020 Madison No Denied
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