Parole Decisions for Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles held 42 parole hearings Tuesday, granting 12 paroles and denying 30. The board continued 14 hearings to October.

Of the inmates denied parole, 19 have been convicted of violent crimes.

Editor’s Note: The list below contains the names of the inmates considered for parole Tuesday, Sept. 1, along with their county or counties of conviction, a notice of whether the inmates have any convictions for violent crimes on their records, and the parole board’s decision. News organizations can go to the Alabama Department of Corrections inmate database and search by the AIS number listed below for details on the inmates’ records of offenses.

Last Name First, Middle AIS# Hearing Date County/Counties of Conviction Does the inmate have any convictions for violent crimes?  Parole Decision
Ahnee Beau Gest Makalil 317760 09/01/2020 Madison No Denied
Andrews Terence Raquis 237975 09/01/2020 Montgomery, Lowndes Yes Denied
Beaulieu Virginia Michell 310769 09/01/2020 Lee No Granted
Bennett Antwion 239603 09/01/2020 Jefferson Yes Denied
Chandler Eddie Frank 280575 09/01/2020 Lauderdale Yes Continued
Collier Preston Daron 282394 09/01/2020 Madison Yes Denied
Darby Kevin Dawane 319236 09/01/2020 Randolph No Continued
Darnell Matthew Blake 322610 09/01/2020 Calhoun No Continued
Dean Joshua Allen 258051 09/01/2020 Morgan, Lauderdale No Continued
Devose Noah Dontrell 220772 09/01/2020 Henry, Barbour No Denied
Elmore Douglas Wayne 322262 09/01/2020 Houston Yes Continued
Fairchild Cameron James 238095 09/01/2020 Madison Yes Denied
Garner Timothy Terrell 213952 09/01/2020 Lauderdale, Baldwin No Denied
Garrett Charles Joseph K 313922 09/01/2020 Jackson No Granted
Goodley John Edward 200126 09/01/2020 Baldwin No Granted
Gothard Joshua Wade 298838 09/01/2020 Madison, Marshall No Denied
Gray Emmett III 224748 09/01/2020 Madison Yes Continued
Haithcock Jason 239688 09/01/2020 Morgan, Marshall No Granted
Hammac Shelby Diane 229638 09/01/2020 Mobile No Denied
Heath Edward Jr 212713 09/01/2020 Lee Yes Granted
Hulsey Milton Lebron 319840 09/01/2020 DeKalb Yes Continued
Jackson Apollo Delanda 286309 09/01/2020 Lee Yes Denied
Johnson Shondrecus 288680 09/01/2020 Lowndes Yes Denied
Little James Eric 237958 09/01/2020 Blount, Cullman, Jefferson Yes Denied
Maples Mark Viggo 149438 09/01/2020 Mobile, Shelby No Denied
Mathis George 149751 09/01/2020 Tallapoosa, Elmore Yes Denied
McInnish Clinton Wesley 234480 09/01/2020 Calhoun Yes Continued
Moon Millard Alton 166577 09/01/2020 Cullman, Madison, Limestone, Jackson Yes Denied
Morrisette Aaron Shiheen 237562 09/01/2020 Mobile No Continued
Oshaughnessy Donald Micha 281165 09/01/2020 Calhoun, Baldwin No Granted
Owens Dannie 203601 09/01/2020 Montgomery Yes Continued
Pope Willie Lee 168968 09/01/2020 Jefferson Yes Denied
Reed Casey Clifton 302695 09/01/2020 Mobile Yes Granted
Rivera Emilio Eduardo Jr 323350 09/01/2020 St. Clair No Denied
Robinson Jordan Allan 323372 09/01/2020 St. Clair No Granted
Robinson Omar Sharif 193146 09/01/2020 Houston, Henry Yes Granted
Rogers James Willie Jr 218087 09/01/2020 Etowah, St. Clair Yes Denied
Russell Richard Ray 287498 09/01/2020 Lauderdale Yes Denied
Rutledge Reginald Lajuan 180276 09/01/2020 Etowah No Continued
Shaper Matthew Scott 298782 09/01/2020 Jefferson No Denied
Smith Danny Ray 201682 09/01/2020 Marshall, DeKalb No Granted
Southall Dannie Lavon 172487 09/01/2020 Mobile, Jefferson Yes Denied
Spencer Luther Garcia 150383 09/01/2020 Jefferson Yes Denied
Stevenson Everett Lee 262271 09/01/2020 Mobile No Denied
Stroud Jack 159914 09/01/2020 Macon, Tallapoosa, Lee Yes Denied
Summers Sammie L Jr 323103 09/01/2020 Lamar No Continued
Terry Joseph Heath 228002 09/01/2020 Marion, Lauderdale No Granted
Tidmore Billy Richard 227257 09/01/2020 Cullman, Jackson, Blount, Marshall No Denied
Tillery Delbert Lee 183233 09/01/2020 Tallapoosa, Lee, Elmore, Montgomery Yes Continued
Trammell Brian Eugene 231093 09/01/2020 St. Clair, Tallapoosa No Denied
Wallace Tony Lee 242491 09/01/2020 Talladega, Shelby No Granted
Whitt Otis Leonard 185565 09/01/2020 Houston Yes Denied
Williams Cory 159530 09/01/2020 Shelby, Jefferson Yes Denied
Wilson Cedric Dewayne 168101 09/01/2020 Tuscaloosa Yes Continued
Wilson Jason Michael 213192 09/01/2020 Baldwin, Escambia Yes Denied
Yarbrough Myron Timothy 247121 09/01/2020 St. Clair Yes Denied
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