Parole Decisions for Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles held 39 parole hearings Tuesday, granting eight paroles and denying 31. The board continued one parole hearing to a later date. The board also held 12 hearings on requests for pardons.

Among the offenders denied parole were 23 inmates who have been convicted of violent crimes.

Editor’s Note: The list below contains the names of the inmates considered for parole Tuesday, Nov. 10, along with their county or counties of conviction, a notice of whether the inmates have any convictions for violent crimes on their records, and the parole decision. News organizations can go to the Alabama Department of Corrections inmate database and search by the AIS number listed below for details on the inmates’ records of offenses.

Last Name First, Middle AIS# Hearing Date County or Counties of Conviction Has the inmate been convicted of a violent crime(s)? Parole Decision
Adams Nathan Craig 316824 11/10/2020 Limestone No Denied
Bates Tommy Ray Jr 279472 11/10/2020 Lauderdale No Denied
Burton Jerry 174523 11/10/2020 Montgomery, Autauga Yes Denied
Cannon Michael 268014 11/10/2020 Mobile Yes Denied
Colvin Eddie Hoyt 177857 11/10/2020 Etowah Yes Denied
Crenshaw Deangelo O’Neal 258883 11/10/2020 Butler Yes Granted
Dailey Demetrius Rodre 264863 11/10/2020 Etowah Yes Denied
Dansby Larry Gene 181564 11/10/2020 Pike Yes Denied
Dempsey Michael Eugene 321032 11/10/2020 Houston No Denied
Diamond Joni R 300391 11/10/2020 Escambia No Denied
Freeman Demarco Dewayne 198311 11/10/2020 Jefferson Yes Denied
Gatlin Daniel Lucas 282400 11/10/2020 Limestone Yes Denied
Harmon Korey Devon 275195 11/10/2020 Mobile Yes Denied
Hayes Kenneth Ray 124831 11/10/2020 Marion Yes Granted
Hill Keith Shamone 283934 11/10/2020 Jefferson, Mobile No Denied
Jackson James Karroll 119262 11/10/2020 Tuscaloosa Yes Denied
Johnson David Mark 315381 11/10/2020 Baldwin No Denied
Johnson Luke Timothy 322164 11/10/2020 Blount No Denied
Johnson Timothy Wayne 253169 11/10/2020 Mobile Yes Denied
Johnson William Cody 253864 11/10/2020 Mobile Yes Denied
Lawrence Donald Ray 132995 11/10/2020 Jackson Yes Denied
Leizear Kurtis Russell 323606 11/10/2020 Covington No Denied
Lindsey Michael L 198099 11/10/2020 Geneva, Covington Yes Denied
Looney Cecil Eugene 177730 11/10/2020 Marshall Yes Denied
Martin Robert Lewis 298699 11/10/2020 Jefferson Yes Denied
McCauley Terrance Ward 216573 11/10/2020 Madison, Morgan Yes Denied
McCray Deandre 207626 11/10/2020 Jefferson, Montgomery Yes Denied
Perkins Kwame Picel 183699 11/10/2020 Jefferson Yes Granted
Reed Ronald Dale 274156 11/10/2020 Mobile No Granted
Shierling Cindy Christine 281497 11/10/2020 Talladega No Granted
Smith Markie Bliss 303912 11/10/2020 Calhoun, Talladega No Granted
Stinson Frank 108227 11/10/2020 Montgomery, Autauga, Jefferson Yes Denied
Stringer Stacey Albert 193613 11/10/2020 Mobile, Walker Yes Granted
Swinnie Lakita Shameka 299609 11/10/2020 Jefferson Yes Denied
Thompson Tracy Lyvon 151824 11/10/2020 Lauderdale Yes Denied
Walker Cleveland 143080 11/10/2020 Jefferson Yes Denied
Walker Kelly Larand 202993 11/10/2020 Tuscaloosa Yes Continued
Whitehead Michael Dwayne 239678 11/10/2020 Lee Yes Denied
Williams Demarcus 296345 11/10/2020 Jefferson Yes Denied
Young Marvinan IV 192265 11/10/2020 Jefferson Yes Granted
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