Parole Decisions for Thursday | December 3, 2020

The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles held 39 parole hearings Thursday, granting seven paroles and denying 32. Two parole hearings were continued to a later date. The board also held 10 hearings on pardon requests.

Among those denied parole were 27 inmates who have been convicted of violent crimes.

Editor’s Note: The list below contains the names of the inmates considered for parole Thursday, Dec. 3, along with their county or counties of conviction, a notice of whether the inmates have been convicted of any violent crimes, and the parole board’s decision. News organizations can go to the Alabama Department of Corrections inmate database and search by the AIS number listed below for details on the inmates’ records of offenses.

Last Name First, Middle AIS# Hearing Date County/Counties of Conviction Has the inmate been convicted of any violent crimes? Parole Decision
Ashley Jessica Mae 311428 12/03/2020 Cherokee Yes Granted
Benson Michael 271496 12/03/2020 Jefferson Yes Denied
Bliss Jason Clark 212124 12/03/2020 Calhoun Yes Denied
Bradford Beniah 270431 12/03/2020 Talladega, Clay Yes Denied
Braggs Jarvis Dewayne 265351 12/03/2020 Mobile Yes Denied
Briskett Eddie James 148246 12/03/2020 Mobile Yes Denied
Brown Dayron Daniel 302100 12/03/2020 Cullman No Granted
Campbell Joe Eugene 152808 12/03/2020 Tuscaloosa Yes Denied
Crowe John 218896 12/03/2020 Montgomery Yes Denied
Crum James 240259 12/03/2020 Jefferson Yes Denied
Deason William Christophe 308026 12/03/2020 Calhoun Yes Denied
Gatlin James Dustin 311777 12/03/2020 Morgan Yes Denied
Glover Samuel Rashad 240049 12/03/2020 Houston Yes Continued
Harrelson Kenneth Troy 310030 12/03/2020 Calhoun No Denied
Hayes Jamie Edward 194324 12/03/2020 Lauderdale Yes Denied
Huffman Barbara Jane 244035 12/03/2020 Autauga Yes Denied
Hundley Obie Jr 231800 12/03/2020 Shelby Yes Denied
Johnson Xavier Mohandas 222878 12/03/2020 Jefferson Yes Denied
Kelly Joshua Ted 308534 12/03/2020 Wilcox No Continued
Kervin Hugh Wayne 229446 12/03/2020 Covington Yes Denied
Marquez Julio 229709 12/03/2020 Morgan Yes Denied
McIntosh Antawan Gerrod 276088 12/03/2020 Butler Yes Denied
Nelson William Marshall 203418 12/03/2020 Madison Yes Granted
Nunnelley Jonathan Earl 309217 12/03/2020 Calhoun No Denied
O’Neal Lionel 284141 12/03/2020 Macon Yes Denied
Owens Jami Makala 307394 12/03/2020 Baldwin No Granted
Patton Khris 198809 12/03/2020 Marshall, Etowah Yes Denied
Pledger Antonius Demond 278481 12/03/2020 Jefferson Yes Denied
Portlock Alton Dewayne 200182 12/03/2020 Mobile, Baldwin Yes Denied
Rogers Everette Sanchez 246704 12/03/2020 Mobile No Denied
Siniard Christy Nicole 308767 12/03/2020 Madison, Morgan Yes Denied
Townsend Julius Kareem 238144 12/03/2020 Madison, Limestone, Tuscaloosa Yes Denied
Walker Jackie Lee 319900 12/03/2020 Cullman, Morgan No Denied
Walker Jerry Alan 208534 12/03/2020 Montgomery Yes Granted
Ware Cedric 186717 12/03/2020 Chambers Yes Denied
Webster William Keith Jr 309400 12/03/2020 Mobile No Granted
West James Rocky 314098 12/03/2020 Marion, Franklin No Denied
Whitfield Daniel D 215005 12/03/2020 Autauga Yes Denied
Wilkes Jonathan Neil 295063 12/03/2020 Mobile No Granted
Williams Tyrone 166574 12/03/2020 Lee Yes Denied
Yates Jesse Rodriquez 183578 12/03/2020 Madison Yes Denied
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