Parole Board Decisions | July 29, 2020

The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles held 31 parole hearings Wednesday, granting 13 paroles and denying 18.

Among those denied parole were 15 inmates who have been convicted of violent crimes.

Editor’s Note: The list below contains the names of the inmates considered for parole Wednesday, July 29, along with their county or counties of conviction, a notice of whether the inmates have any convictions for violent crimes on their records, and the parole board’s decision. News organizations can go to the Alabama Department of Corrections inmate database and search by the AIS number listed below for details on the inmates’ records of offenses.

Last Name First, Middle AIS# Hearing Date County/Counties of Conviction Does the inmate have any convictions for violent crimes?  Parole Decision
Crowley Wesley Alexander 304059 07/29/2020 Etowah No Denied
Gortney Seth Layton 308649 07/29/2020 Randolph Yes Granted
Gray Tommy Linear 126937 07/29/2020 Etowah, Jefferson, Fayette, Morgan No Denied
Gulley Vincent Tyrone 317632 07/29/2020 Baldwin No Denied
Head Raynard Tyrone 230715 07/29/2020 Morgan, Lawrence Yes Denied
Hopson Laderrick Deaundre 304836 07/29/2020 Mobile Yes Denied
Howard Michael 257982 07/29/2020 Butler, Montgomery Yes Denied
Jones Emmitt Reed 161334 07/29/2020 Coffee, Geneva Yes Denied
Kirk Connie Leann 243522 07/29/2020 Jackson No Granted
Knight Lynn Lamar 191260 07/29/2020 Montgomery, Lee Yes Denied
Lange Timothy Wade 309995 07/29/2020 Baldwin No Denied
McAdory Johnny 322011 07/29/2020 Jefferson No Granted
McCamey Patrick Lavon 177788 07/29/2020 Jackson No Granted
McCullouch Glen Keith 320020 07/29/2020 Talladega Yes Denied
McDonald Deundray Reshun 291674 07/29/2020 Mobile Yes Denied
McGowan Xavier Vaughn 313080 07/29/2020 Coffee No Granted
Miller Jennifer Leann 318888 07/29/2020 Russell No Granted
Moon Valeea Quansha 309799 07/29/2020 Tallapoosa, Randolph No Granted
Moore Joseph III 229524 07/29/2020 Mobile Yes Denied
Moultrie Kendal Dejan 289223 07/29/2020 Mobile No Denied
Peaster Rita Shawn 267536 07/29/2020 Russell, Montgomery Yes Granted
Powe Marvin Maurice 317808 07/29/2020 Montgomery No Granted
Prine Albert 282463 07/29/2020 Mobile No Denied
Sales Shawn Terrell 207886 07/29/2020 Madison Yes Denied
Santos Christinia Marie 317655 07/29/2020 Butler No Granted
Sherrod John William 268514 07/29/2020 Morgan No Granted
Shotts Byron Gene 318822 07/29/2020 Mobile No Granted
Wallace Christian Dane 298484 07/29/2020 Walker Yes Granted
Ward James Matthew 202304 07/29/2020 Etowah, Calhoun Yes Denied
Watson Joseph Walter Jr 254503 07/29/2020 Baldwin Yes Denied
Williams Jerome Rodrickus 288925 07/29/2020 Montgomery Yes Denied
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