Palmer Demands Accountability for Rep. Schiff over Russia Lies

The House Intelligence Committee has now released transcripts of witness interviews that took place during investigations into the supposed collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. The transcripts indicate that former Obama Administration officials and Committee Chairman Adam Schiff knew there was no proof of collusion. Yet, Schiff repeatedly touted this now discredited claim of a collusion. After the release of the witness testimony transcripts, Congressman Gary Palmer (AL-06) released the following statement:

“It is now clear that Adam Schiff lied to his colleagues, that he lied to the media, and that he lied to the American public,” Palmer said. “He refused to release the testimony transcripts from the witness interviews because he knew it would undermine him within his own caucus and with the media, and he knew it would completely discredit his investigation. This disclosure of his misrepresentation of the witness testimonies not only proves that there was no Russian collusion, but it also calls into question everything that he and the House Intelligence Committee did regarding Ukraine relations and the impeachment attempt against President Trump. If there is one ounce of integrity among any Democrats in the House or Senate, they will hold Adam Schiff accountable.”

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