Jeff Sessions won’t be silenced on China’s Communist Government and their lies and cover-up of the Wuhan Virus, which has led to a global pandemic that has killed thousands and severely disrupted economies the world over. 

In a TV interview on Wednesday, Sessions refused to be silenced by an interviewer who tried to shut him up. Instead, Sessions told the plain truth about China in an interview with CBS 42 in Birmingham, and explained why it is legitimate to refer to the virus as the “Wuhan Virus.” 


REPORTER: “You’ve recently basically blamed China for the Coronavirus pandemic and launched a strategic plan to confront the leadership in China. Why so? Why now?”

JEFF SESSIONS: “Well, the problem is that China’s government is a communist, totalitarian government that utilizes secrecy to advance its agenda, and it ignores the truth and it ignores the well-being of people. They covered up this virus.

“A study in the United Kingdom showed that if they had announced it three weeks sooner, 95% of the infections would not have occurred.”

REPORTER: “But Mr. Sessions, the World Health Organization is making sure that we don’t call this a Chinese Virus, don’t call it a Wuhan Virus, an Asian Virus. They say, call it by its scientific name – COVID-19 – and not really talk about that. So maybe China, that’s a battle for another day. Right now, we are waging war against the Corona Virus.”

JEFF SESSIONS: “You asked me about how it got started. It got started in China, Art. And they covered it up, and it spread around the world, and thousands and thousands of people are sick and dying.

“…It’s a virus that started in China, and we have often used the name and place it started as a description of the virus.

“…The World Health Organization has even supported China’s ridiculous argument that it could not be transmitted from one human to another. The World Health Organization has been far too defensive of China, and they need to be investigated, also.”

Sessions said this on Thursday morning:

“The Chinese government is a communist, totalitarian, atheistic regime that covered up the Wuhan Virus. This is a fact, and even now, they continue to lie to the world about what’s happening in China. I will not be silenced by the media, nor cowed by the Chinese government or anyone who parrots their false and deceitful talking points. We can and we must hold China accountable.”  

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