Well, today the mandatory mask wearing goes into effect across Alabama. The announcement was met with cheers and screams. We’ve already got sheriffs who are openly stating that they will defy the order. After running as a Red Team candidate, which many will tell you has it’s roots in libertarianism, she has gone and directly infringed on an individual’s right to respond to the ‘Rona as they see fit. It seems like quite a departure from what the party should be standing for but if we look back, it’s not the first time. That she’s worked in opposition to what would be expected of the GOP.

Think back. When she was in the home stretch of her run against Maddox she talked about preserving conservative values, that she would restore people’s trust. Hardly conservative to force people to wear masks that haven’t been shown to have any positive effect (only N95 masks have and how many of those do you see?) and it certainly isn’t libertarian. While masks are being mandated, they can be made of anything in any style. Now call me crazy, but if this virus is so deadly do we really believe that wearing a bandana Jesse James style is a cure-all? Are there any who can look at this objectively and say “Yup, that’s science”?

And why? It’s said to be a response to a “spike” in numbers. Have numbers risen? Yes, but only over a short period and that small sampling could mean anything from “the plague is upon us” to “there was a brief bump in the numbers”. That’s what would be referred to as a small sampling and no real science relies on data like that to come to firm conclusions. Truly, many of the responses that we’ve seen are the result of sensationalized numbers which have in a number of cases been shown to be less that reliable. The recent news out of Florida shows us that some are either acting incompetently or with impure intentions after getting 100% positives on tests sent to the labs. That doesn’t even take into account the fact that many who test positive don’t show symptoms and get tested thinking they are perfectly healthy. Those numbers are lumped and so those who have no effects are presented the same as those who need ICU. Is that enough to come to this? Opinions vary.

And what about the exceptions? If you’re communicating with the hearing impaired then you don’t have to wear one because they can’t read your lips. Is that safe when we’re dealing with the plague? And what about church? You can go to church mask-free.. and spread germs with every “hallelujah”. First responders aren’t required even though they’re almost always dealing with people who’s health is already impaired. Safe! And, my personal favorite, children under 6. If you’ve ever spent time around children then you know that they’re germ factories. If this is so deadly serious.. shouldn’t those with the least hygiene awareness top the list of “musts”? What’s more, all you really have to do is claim a medical condition and they can’t say much about it. So, what are we really doing here?

And of course, no government action comes without consequence. The penalties include a $500 fine and possible jail time. JAIL TIME. Now, I don’t know about you but if it’s “OK” for rioting to take place with no consequences but I can be jailed for not wearing a mask.. something has gone terribly wrong. The financial penalty is no small thing, either. Especially in our current situation, how devastating could that fine be to one of those who is out of work? To those who lost their business after sinking in every penny of savings to try and keep it afloat until the “Covid Madness” passed? Add to that the fact that they would have criminal records.. for a mask. For many, consequences such as these could cause lasting pain and misery.

Also very telling is the fact that, almost immediately, Ainsworth released a statement denouncing the move. It’s rare for someone in a position like that to be so quick to vocalize disdain for those in higher office unless they’re in an opposing party. He wasted no time. His statement, like that of the aforementioned law enforcement, made it clear that it was an infringement on personal rights in his view. I have to wonder if we’ll have a certain challenger to the throne next time around.

But then, Ivey has given us clues as to who she was before. While campaigning she touted a middle class tax cut and then turned around and pushed a new gas tax as soon as she took the “big chair”. This seems odd considering that Red Team is supposed to be the party or LOWERING taxes. Even more interesting is that it came during a period of already greatly increased tax revenues for the state. With all of that extra money coming in.. was a new tax really necessary? Even more, was it in keeping with what those who put her in office voted for? Then she went further to push for a toll bridge in Mobile which was already slated for fat portions of the gas tax. Did we really need the new taxes AND tolls? She’s certainly a different breed of Red Team politician than what most expected.

The real takeaway from this is that party affiliation doesn’t really tell you what many think it does. Promoting unneeded taxation and turning a dress code into a criminal offense are not things that most of her voters would support. So, is her party affiliation anything more than just an election gimmick? We know that she used to be a proud Blue Team member.. so did she really change? Did she just see it as the most expedient way to reach the professional goals that she had? I’d argue that that is true for a startlingly high number of politicians today. And that won’t change until the voters stay vigiliant, pay attention and judge politicians on their actions as opposed to their promises/affiliation. The saying “wolf in sheep’s clothing’ has been around for long enough for us to know the lesson and in that situation the sheep are the ones in danger. Are you trying to sniff them out”


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  1. I am a very angry citizen over the mask mandate. The only person in my house that caught anything ( not corona) was theperson forced to wear a mask everyday. Sinus infection that I suspect is from wearing the mask day after day for 8 hours at a time. This is infringement on our rights and a showcase of their power over us! I will be voting against her!

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